What Adults Do

I had a good week mostly filled with running and recovering from running. Last week, I had a great time in Sacramento. I ran a Marathon and met up with Kim, who is the inspiration of the Grab a Beer meme. Unfortunately, we are bad people and we didn't take any photos. I was running around, trying to find the coffee shop, get ready to run and make cake pops (this seems to be a theme every time I visit my friend's house). So here are a few random photos of last week and this week.

Last week, I stayed with my friend, who is an adult. Do you know how I can tell? She has a coffee station. In her house. I mean, is this not the coolest thing you have ever seen? She also has so many fun gadgets that I don't even know what they are! What'll it be? Espresso? Latte? Half caf with a shot of vanilla?

I went out for margaritas, which culminated in my getting my fingernails painted black. By a boy. With a not so steady hand. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate having my fingernails painted? 

I finally got around to reading this book. 

A day of this = a Good Day indeed. 

I sent out my last straggler Christmas cards. 

I spent a lot of time with this girl. Is she not the cutest thing ever. She loves Craisins! 

And there was this. You probably already heard enough about that here

The good thing about running a lot = Carb loading! Lunch at Ernestos

Occupy San Francisco. What a mess. 

Running at Lake Merritt. Can it get any better? It's 60 degrees here. I HEART winter in the Bay Area!

How was your week? Have you seen the "Occupy" in your city? Have you finished (pr started) your Christmas cards?


  1. Fun times! I wish I were grown up enough to have a coffee station!

  2. I saw the "Occupy" in Iowa on my way to the school I was subbing for. I felt dumb, because I had sort of forgotten about Occupy and I wondered what the tents were there for! Haaaa!

  3. That coffee station your friend has is seriously awesome! Want!!

  4. I love the coffee station! I want! I don't think they had an Occupy here but I could be wrong.

    That is one seriously cute little girl!

  5. I have my Christmas cards done, just haven't sent them yet. Saw the occupy in the Seattle newspaper only. What a mess!

  6. Wow, that is a serious coffee station! I got an espresso maker for Christmas one year but I have never actually used it. It intimidates me, honestly!

    When the nice ride bikes were still out, I parked by bike by the "Occupy" site in MInneapolis It looked like a dump, which is sad becuase it's a nice outdoor area where people tend to eat their l;unches, but I doubht much of that was going on with the occupiers there. I thought they were 'kicked out' when it got cold/snowy, but their mess is stil there.

    Your niece is adorable!! My nephews love craisins, too!


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