You Can Do it, Put Your Back Into It

I think I've mentioned THIS SONG before. It really gets me going. There are several songs that really get me going. And lately I have been getting going more than ever! I contribute this to my new play list.

Running is hard. There are many things to contend with. You have to work late; you are tired; it is getting dark earlier; it is too hot outside; It is too early; It is too late; You just ate; you are hungry; Your friends are going out for happy hour. THERE ARE TOO MANY BUGS! The excuses not to sometimes come at you like bombs. Getting out there is hard, but once you do it, you feel better for it.

Even if I beat all the excuses and go out and do it, I am lucky if I can run a 10 minute mile. However, the last couple of days I have been running faster. And I think I partially have Jay Z and Ice Cube to thank for it. My original play list was a mix of genres, but lately it has been more of the rap variety, and I do declare it makes my feet move a little quicker.

Here are a couple of other things that may be helping my running speeds.

Liquids: I know that everyone says this. “Drink lots of liquids. blah, blah, blah.” We have heard it all before. However, as much as you have heard it, I am going to say it again. I have been drinking coffee in the morning and then tea and water throughout the work day and I am ending my runs cooler and not as worn out. On the downside, I have to pee at least once an hour ALL DAY, but it is helping me later in the evening.

Food: This one is a hard one for me. I get hungry so I eat. Then it ends up being too soon before the run and I end up remembering what I ate for the entire run (ick). However, lately I have been having an early (non-spicy) dinner and then running about 2 or 2.5 hours later and my stomach HAS been happier for it. And my energy levels are higher.

Intervals: Oh, how I dislike intervals. They have always been on my marathon training schedule and I have ALWAYS ignored them. Well this time I decided not to. Once a week, whether I like it or not, I am doing intervals. What is this, you ask? For me, it is a 1 mile warm up, then a quarter of a mile where you run as fast as you can (or at your 5k pace), then a one minute break where you can walk or jog. You repeat the .25 mile/1 minute “interval” 5+ times (as many as you want). Then when you are done you do a 1 mile cool down. It doesn’t sound very fun, right? Well, it definitely kicks my you know what! However, I went from 10 minute + miles last week to 9 minute miles this week, so something must be working!

Time: You can’t discount the results you get over time. Just from running 3-4 times a week, getting used to the pace and the heat and everything, I think that this alone would make me a little faster.

Heat: This one is hard, as it is still 90 degrees out at 8:30 at night, but I have been trying to time my run right before it gets dark, so I can maximize any coolness there may be. Even a few degrees helps! 

What tips do you have for me? How do you deal with the heat? What music is on YOUR running play list?  

Sidenote: Also, I finally joined Twitter. Yes, now I have one more internet thing to waste my time on occupy my time! Here I am: @travelspot06. If you have an account, let me know what it is and I will come over and follow you. Oh and since we are talking about wasting time, I also have a WWF account: kywils. Come see if you can beat me (you probably can.)

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  1. Nice work on those intervals! I shoudl add them to my week but I am not sure when I would fit them in, maybe on Thursdays? We do intervals, but they are more like 'tempo runs' although my coach said he will be modifying them for me since I have a different goal that the others who are traing for a marathon.

    Super excited you joined twitter! Goign to follow you now!!

  2. I noticed a huge difference in my run tonight - much cooler! Cutting back on the cotton (switching from t-shirts and thicker socks to my lightweight running tank and non-padded socks) made a huge difference in internal temp and sweat level.

    My playlist includes Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, The Killers, and Jimmy Eat World plus about a dozen more artists. I'll have to consider some rap. But I would have no idea where to start!

  3. I just spent an hour last night trying to come up with a good running playlist! It's hard to find something that motivates you without being annoying!

  4. Good job on the intervals! Intervals and speed training will TOTALLY help your pace improve (I'm living proof of this!) even if you hate them WHILE you're doing them!

  5. I actually really enjoy running, or maybe more so the feeling when it is all said and done. Intervals are great for you, and will really help with stamina. THe best advice I can give, Asics gel shoes. They will save your feet!

  6. Hopping in from the blog hop! I hate intervals but am really good about doing them what I studiously avoid is tempo runs. As for the heat the best advice I have is run early, but I didn't even follow that today. I am also an Asics fan, it is all I have run in for years

  7. Intervals are my nemesis. I know the benefits are many and yet I consistently avoid them. I NEED to stop avoiding!

    Running music? Black Eyed Peas and Pink seem to be my go-to favorites right now.

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!

  8. I like doing intervals on the treadmill. Thanks for the good tips and motivation!


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