Wine & Love (1)

Well this week I am in need of some wine, so I decided to participate in Nora's Wine & Love series. What it entails is listing things that make you want to drink a glass of wine (bad) and things you love (good) for the week. So, without further ado:


~ I have a big meeting today with some important people. It is going to be a touch one. The subject has gotten out of hand and now a bunch of extra people are involved. I may have to have a glass of wine BEFORE this meeting. I am kidding of course.

~ Long work days. They have been quite busy, so have gone by fast, but I am so tired by the end of the day. It is hard to get up any motivation to do anything afterward.

~ This heat! Today's heat index is 107. My big meeting is outside. Also, I will be using the treadmill again. Speaking of that....

~ Running inside. I would much rather be outside enjoying some scenery. And other people. Besides sweaty, looky-loo contractors. Because that is who is staying at this hotel. They all stare at me when I run on the treadmill at the hotel. It is creepy.

~ Missing my friends. I only get one day off a week and I am thousands of miles from my loved ones. They are all doing fun summer things and I feel like I am missing out!


~ My job. I know, I just said it made me want some wine. However, yesterday I got to drive around town with a really nice guy who showed me some sites. I got to learn about where I am staying, some history about the area and the best place to have lunch (and ironically, wine). I like traveling around and learning new things about new places.

~ My 6 mile run on Monday. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. I am glad of that, becuase I am working up to 10 miles and this gives me hope that it will not be completely crappy. However, I also need to work on my pace. SEEEEE-lowww!

~ Jamaican Meat Patties. My coworker's daughter brought them from South Florida. If you have not ever had one, you should try it! They come in different kinds but this one was beef and it was delicious!

~ Seeing family friends on Sunday. We ate, we watched the Women's World Cup (grrrrrrr!) and we played in the pool. What fun! 

~ Going to see my friends and family in August -- I am still planning this, but am going to my little "neice's" 1st birthday party and will head up to see my folks at the same time!

If you want to join in too, go here!

What have been your "wine" and "loves" this week?


  1. YOu can totally do 10! I promise! :) I am sayinig that because I really really want you to come. I am selfish like that. ;)

    My wine is that the couch I wanted to buy at Ikea tonight is not available. And they don't know when it will be. SO I will be phone stalking them until I can get my hands on it.

    My love is that I really do love the couch. SO eventually it will be in my condo, it's just a question of when.

    I hope that work meeting went well! And that the heat cools off soon. These temps are for the birds. LIke tropical ones. Ha.

  2. For me a 6 mile run would totally be in the WINE section. You are awesome for that.


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