Randoms: A Grocery Store List

{1}  Am I the last one to find out about this? I don't like milk. But THIS is good! (I am sure I have talked about my love of coconut before, a couple of times maybe.) I just found it the other day and I love it. Also, if you go to this site, you will get .75 cents off. I did not know about that, but I will use it next time! I wonder if I could use it to make this dish?

{2} Blueberries are good. And right now they are pretty cheap! Get some today! I never really liked them before because I don't like fruit when it is mushy and I must have had bad ones. The berries I have been getting lately though, have been firm and fantastic! They are like candy. 

{3} I buy groceries from Walmart. Because that's how you do it in the Midwest. Do our Walmarts in CA even have a separate grocery store? I don't think so. However, in Louisiana that's how they did it. Except let me warn you, if you are going grocery shopping in Louisiana, I suggest you stay away from the Walmart. It a scale of 1 - 10 on Walmart horribleness, the New Orleans Walmarts are up around 8 or 9. Missouri Walmart is closer to a 5. It's not too bad! 

{4} Speaking of Walmart, I was looking for Tahini (to make hummus), which is generally in the "Ethnic Foods" aisle. However, that aisle in Walmart has....Mexican, Asian and Italian. And by Italian, I mean pasta. The pasta takes up 99% of the aisle and there is a tiny corner with some soy and enchilada sauce.

{5} I miss Trader Joes! Does anyone know if there is a Southeastern, MO equivalent? What I miss most is the cheap selection of this. Oh and if you buy this you can make a really simple salad. All you need is spinach, caramelized walnuts, strawberries and goat cheese. Easy! (to caramelize your own walnuts, all you need is sugar, water and a baking sheet -- I will let eHow explain.) Just mix them all together and voila! It's a great summer salad!

{6} Why do I always, ALWAYS get in the slowest lane? The other day when I went shopping, I saw a short line. I was headed towards it and a lady totally cut me off! So I went in the one next to that one. Then the lady in front was SLOWLY putting her stuff on the conveyor, talking to the cashier and double checking the price of each item -- "wait, mam" she says to the cashier, "are you SURE that suchandsuch is 4.99? I though it was 4.97." Price check on register 4!! Then she started in on me -- "Is that turkey jerky any good?" I was like, "Mam, I don't give a crap, can you please just move it along? This is not a social call! I am on my lunch break. I just want to buy my 3 items and get out of here." (well, obviously I didn't really say that.) Finally the lady was done writing out her check and then the cashiers had to switch shifts. Then the new cashier is blocked from the computer or something...and they have to call a manager... The entire time I am eyeballing the lane I was GOING to go to until that lady cut me off and STOLE my place in line. 17 people have been checked out already through THAT line. It never fails.

{7} One time Mr. Lovely was in line at...you guessed it...Walmart (he HATES Walmart). In front of him was a lady with a shopping cart FULL of stuff. She also had about 4 kids who were running back and forth, depositing things in the cart while she was in line. She finally got to the front of the line, the cashier ran all of her stuff (while the kids were still bringing things and throwing them on the conveyor), and then the lady whipped out her food stamp debit card thingy. The cashier swipes it and says, "mam, you only have 15 dollars left on the card (mind you the total was a couple hundred dollars)" The lady makes her start taking things off the bill, one by one. Until she gets down to a 12 pack of beer and a few other items. The cashier says, "Mam you can't buy alcohol with the food stamp debit card thingy". The lady says, "fine, never mind" and leaves with nothing. Mr. Lovely was LIVID. I think he had one thing. I don't think he will ever go back to Walmart again after that. He will sit in the car and make me go in.

Okay, so maybe this should have been the Walmart List.

Have you had any weird grocery store experiences? Have you found any new products lately that you love!? 


  1. I love coconut milk ice crea but it is hard to find!! Not many grocery stores carry it, but TJ's does. :)

    I have been hitting up the farmers market lately and getting a lot of produce there. Love how inexpensive it can be to do that!

  2. Your Wal-Mart story has me CRACKING UP! Oh, people. Jeeze.

  3. Walmart on Tchoup....do not even get me started.


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