Best iPhone Apps

Do you own an iPhone? Even if you don’t, you may love these apps (on your own phone) as much as I love them (on mine)!!! By the way, these are all free. **even if you don't have a phone, you can use many of these on your computers!**

Voice Memos: Did you forget something? Did you want to blog about something? Did you finally think of something cool to give your brother for Christmas? This is your savior, especially if you are driving and don’t have time to use the notes feature. I was actually going to buy a digital voice recorder from Target for Eighty dollars, and then they came up with this app. I am so glad.

Pandora: Do you like music? Have you used this on your computer? Well, it’s even better on your phone; you can make your own music stations; you can listen in the car, on the go, at work…wherever! And it’s free: both the app AND the program on your computer, so even if you don’t use it on your phone, do it on your computer!! You can listen to Cyndi Lauper! Metallica! Whatever you want and MORE!

Yelp: Do you want to find a place to….rent a bike? Eat Mexican food? A new gym? A place to buy a pair of shorts? Yelp is your friend! It is reviewed by your peers and can tell you where the closest place to you NOW is (this is what I use the most…I am HUNGRY…where can I eat within walking distance?)

Lose It: Are you trying to lose weight? Track your eating habits?  Do you want to know how many calories is in a 6 oz glass of white wine (or a 14 oz oneI? Lose It can tell you all of that. You enter in what you are eating and what exercise you are doing and VOILA it tells you your deficit and how many calories you can have per day if you want to lose X amount of pounds (or just stay healthy!!)

Flickr: I use this on my computer, but it is really nice on my phone. I can easily upload a photo from my phone, tag it, add it to a group and then blog about it. This has been a GODSEND for my 365 project.

Stanza: This, before I found out about the free Kindle download, was a way I downloaded a bunch of public domain books (ones that no longer have a copyright) FOR FREE!!! It is a little bit hard to read on my phone, but when you are in a pinch, it is great.

Kindle: And then I found out about the iPhone Kindle download and I now have both this and Stanza and have still not figured out what I like best, so I thought I would mention both. I got a bunch of FREE books from the Kindle website, which are also on the public domain (think: Sense and Sensibility, A Christmas Carol etc) I won’t tell you which I like better; you can decide on your own and then let ME know!!!

Shazam: Have you ever heard a song on the radio and said, “oh my god this is Journey!!!” and your boyfriend says, “NO it’s not; this is Flock of Seagulls!!!” and you get into a stupid argument about it? Enter: Shazam. You hear the song on the radio, you push the “listen now” button, Shazam says, “Journey: Don’t Stop Believing” and you say, “BOO YAH!!!” and then your boyfriend buys you a scoop of vanilla ice cream with almonds. You just can’t go wrong with this app. It will settle ALL BETS.

OpenTable: So, you are in New York City on a Friday night and you just got in from La Guardia and you are starving. You check OpenTable for restaurants within walking distance that have an available reservation in a half an hour. No problem! OpenTable to the rescue. They tell you who has space, what kind of food they have and when to show up. They make the reservation for you. Not only that, but you get “points” so if you make a certain amount of reservations with OpenTable you get dining dollars for your next trip out. Even if you go out once a year, it can add up eventually.

Bump: Does your friend have an address or phone number of a friend that you want? No problem, just use bump and literally bump your phones together to get the information from her phone to yours. Easy as pie.

ShakeItPhoto: So you took a cool photo with your phone. Now you want to see what it would look like as a Polaroid. Pick the photo; shake your phone and you are set! It creates a cool effect and is fun to boot!

Which ones are your favorites and why? 


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  2. haha- I'd probably spend 2 hours making "polaroids" and then realize I hadn't done any work or even blinked very often :)
    Great list!

  3. Love, love, LOVE this list! My husband was *literally* just looking at apps tonight! Thank you for the tips, Lady! Much appreciated! :)

  4. These are soooo great!! Thank you so much for pointing this post out to me, really helpful for a noob like me, haha.


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