Listing for Home

So, we decided to go home early. The original plan was to stay in China until Thanksgiving, then go home for the holdiays and return to China right after Christmas. A couple of things happened that we need to take care of so, off we go…a bit early. Now that we have changed our ticket and the date is set (Nov 7) I really am GLAD to be going home. Not that I don’t always miss my family and friends, but normally travel is just so FUN. But, now that I am going home for sure, I am REALLY looking forward to it. However, of course, it calls for a list. What I need/want to get done while I am home (total time: approximately 7 weeks).
1.       Make cookies with my Mom. And Banana Bread. And….
2.       Get the BIG CAMERA (yay!) out of hiding and USE IT.
3.       Cook a Thanksgiving turkey (actually, it will be my first time)
4.       Meet K’s new baby A (and see K and A of course)
5.       Have a couple of glasses of wine with my brother
6.       Go to the Mission district in San Francisco and EAT a BURRITO. Yum.
7.       Do a photo walk around Tobin (The Muses are doing a “where I live” series  I am looking forward to contributing to)
8.       Make a snowman
9.       Chop down a Christmas tree (it’s a family tradition)
10.   Drive from Quincy to Des Moines
11.   See Lea’s new house
12.   Go to Target to re-up my travel supplies (and to gawk…I havent been to Target in ages!)
13.   Have lunch with Grandma Barb
14.   Go to the Pig Roast in Acushnet (last year’s photos are HERE)
15.   Organize all my travel photos (eeek)
16.   Finish my journal (or at least TRY to catch up)
17.   Make/send Christmas cards
18.   Meet Nadine’s new baby (Chance) and see her new house
19.   Day After Christmas breakfast with the girls
20.   Take a walk on the beach on both the East and West coasts.
21.   Fix the roof of my house (dread)
22.   Autograph Sara’s favorite photo
23.   Read some books (I have been slacking lately)
24.   Try to finally complete one of Katrinas Photo Walks (even though I am months late)
25.   Help Dad with the “winter” cleaning
26.   Beat my parents at Rummikub. Hopefully.
27.   Go see The Moth in NYC
28.   Visit my East Coast Family
So, I am sure I am missing a bunch more things, but this is a good start. All of a sudden 7 weeks starts to seem very short. At least I already have my Christmas shopping done. I am looking forward to doing all of these things on my list...I will do an update after Christmas.

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