Then and Now: October

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a great month of October! Do you remember where you were a year ago?
In October 2010, I was literally half way around the world. It was a busy month, filled with adventures. I met a bunch of new people, had Everest in my sights, experienced the effects of altitude, got food poisoning, ate my first Mo Mo and had Pizza in Kathmandu.

This October I am back in the proper hemisphere, but things are still pretty busy! I finished up working in Missouri, spent time with friends and family, took a trip to New York, ran a half marathon and am learning how to take better photos!

So here we have, in photo form, the WHO, the WHERE, and the WHAT of Then and Now. 


Random Dirty Children, Yaks, Fellow Travelers, and yes, Mr. L and his Nasty Beard

M in MA, Berreaux in NYC, Red and Lucy the Dog, Mouse the Cat, Mr. L *and a much more manageable beard


2010: The Highest Mountain in The World
2011: The Highest Mountain in Missouri


2010: Lots of Trekking
2011: Lots of Running

2010: Lots of Sherpa Stew
2011: Lots of Bratwurst

2010: 4000 gallons of lemon tea
2011: 4000 gallons of water

I am looking forward to seeing what November holds. I think it will be a lot of hiking, spending time with family, baking, cooking and eating, since I am currently staying with my Mom and have plenty of time on my hands (and no phone service or internet!) and lots of great people and places to see!

What were YOU doing last October? Have things changed? Or are they happily the same?


  1. Isn't it amazing to look back!? I can't even remember what I was doing last October...but I was certainly in the same place!

  2. I want to see Mt. Everest SO BAD.

    Let's see...last October I was here. Doing exactly what I'm doing now. Blah.

  3. Amazing that you have had a Mt. Everest adventure! Maybe some day....

    Last October I was in the same place I am now and training for a half-marathon.

  4. Last October I ran a marathon, was seriously dating a guy, and working in a job that I wasn't very happy at. This October, I ran a half, had things fizzle w/ a guy that I was dating, and am extremely happy at my job. Last October was great, but I am much happier with my life this October!!

  5. I love these posts! It is so great to look back on your memories and see how far you have come, or how much things have changed in your life over the course of a year.


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