Going Round in Circles

You may remember the post that I wrote when I first got to Missouri. I was just getting back into running. I had just arrived in Columbia and had found a great running trail: the MKT. The day I wrote that post, I ran 2.5 miles at a 9:33 pace. It was not easy. At the same time, I set a few goals for myself. They were:

1. Find a training program
2. Get in Shape.
3. Speed up pace.
4. Sign up for a Fall race. 

After the day of that run, I was sent to Cape Girardeau, which is about 4 hours south of Columbia (and also the home of Rush Limbaugh). I didn't get to run on that trail but that once.

Tomorrow, I am leaving Missouri. Remember the change I was talking about? It's changed again. Instead of moving to a different place in Missouri, I will be heading home for a while to see some friends and family and regroup and wait for the next job to come along.

The job here has been good. I have met and worked with some interesting people and been involved in some interesting situations. I have to say I am not totally sad that I am leaving at the onset of winter. I spent a winter in Iowa and as much as I love snow, I do not love -47 degree windchill. But I was not quite ready to go home. Oh well. I am now.

Before we leave, we have to check out through our office in Columbia. So I drove to Columbia to get all the logistics taken care of. After taking care of that, I took my last run (ever? for a while?) in Missouri. It was a lot different from the one I took 4 months ago. The weather was about 30 degrees cooler and the fall colors are out. I have satisfied all my goals from above.

1. Find a training program Hal Higdon
2. Get in Shape. lost 10 lbs
3. Speed up pace. current average: 8:45
4. Sign up for a Fall race. (x3)

What wasn't different was the trail. I went back to the location of my first ever run in Missouri and did my last run in the same place. It was very therapeutic. It felt like a place I already knew.

I have come full circle. 

Goodbye Mizzou-rah.

Have you ever been to a place that you just can't wait to go back to? That has a special place in your heart? Where is it and why did you love it?


  1. How neat to wrap up that. Must make you feel like you ahve come full circle there... but you really did well with your goals!

    I always want to go back to places I have been and loved, but I am such an explorer and there is still so much world to discover!

  2. What a great post! I hear ya on the midwest winters... they are brutal, aren't they?
    Iowa definitely holds a special place in my heart - when I lived away I couldn't wait to get back.

  3. Well glad you get to go home for a while and enjoy your time there. I would have to say Greece, a million times over Greece. Worked on the islands and will never get enough of the place. One of the few places I wouldn't mind going back to over and over again.

  4. You have accomplished alot this year in terms of running (and in areas of your life, too, of course!).

    My answer is obvious - Paris. Whenever I see pictures of Paris, my heart aches a bit for that city.

    I also feel this way about my parents' lake cabin. It's so peaceful and beautiful up there.

    Have a safe trip home - enjoy your time with your friends & family. I hope a new gig comes along quickly - hopefully in an area that doesn't have -47 wind chills. ;)

  5. What a beautiful post, Kyria! It must be bittersweet to be leaving a place where you have accomplished so much. I hope a new opportunity comes along very soon.

    Madrid holds a very special place in my heart. I lived there for a year and a half, and it seems cliche but it really changed me. I left a very different person. I really hope to go back this summer for research and to see friends.

  6. I'm sure whatever is coming is going to be great, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy your time in Missouri, too.

    As for a place I long to see again...I'd have to say this beautiful path along the St. Lawrence River in Montreal. I loved it there.


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