Sierra Nevada!!

This post is brought to you by my home town brew, Sierra Nevada. The reason for this is...I am home! In the Sierra Nevadas! (<------- PS if you have never been to the Sierras, click this link and look to see how beautiful they are. And then come and visit. You can stay with my Mom.) 

As you are reading this, I am probably stuffing my face and hanging out with friends. So, kick back, grab a beer and join me for Kim's Grab a Beer and Look What I Did Last Week series. 

On Sunday Morning, I got up for a 6 am run.

Man was I glad I did, becuase THIS is a way better temperature for a run. 
(insert obligatory weekly picture of a car thermometer here)

It took this many hair dohickeys to keep my hair out of my face. 

But I ended up having a great run!

See those spikes? They are my water stops. 4 water stops, 4 spikes.

I tried to eat healthy.
This day I did good.

The last farmer's market tomato. Sad.

This day I did not. This was the day of the rodeo and...as much as I would like to blame the funnel cake, you can probably see that I had a few beers. And a glass of wine.  Just those alone were almost as much as the food calories I had that day. Eeek. AND I did not go running. Also, pay no attention to my strange meals. I was trying to clean out the fridge before going home.

Some coworkers and I went to the Current River to go tubing. On the way there we stopped at a gas station/mini mart/fishing tackle store/CASINO? Yes. Casino.

I got the nicest card from my friend which totally made my day. Also she drew this, which I think kind of looks like a butt. Yes, I am twelve. 

The time capsule item got finished (more on that later!) and wrapped and made it to California. 

I went to the rodeo. You can hear more about that HERE

I would like to be THAT photographer!
There was also a concert. 

This guy told me to "talk to the hand".
Step off, dude. 
I ain't playin'.

How was your week? Did you have a good one?


  1. Wow! You sure had a big and busy week! I hope you had a fabulous weekend at home. I would love to visit the area where you are from. Some day. So many places to go, so little vacation time. :)

  2. I took the cure in 1989, but remember the bouquet of Sierra Nevada. Didn't know they made a porter, bravo.
    Why the dickens did you order a Coors at that event when you coulda had an exalted Sierra Nevada? Why?
    Anyway, nice post, good effort on your running, please don't neglect weight resistance training.


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