This Ain't My First Rodeo

Actually it was. 

This week I am skipping Wine and Love with Nora (but you can still go and do it!) and giving you...The DOs and DON'Ts of the rodeo. Because now I am an expert.

DO wear a white hat. If it matches the one your significant other has, that's even better. 

If you do not have a white hat, this is an acceptable substitute (in MO). 

DO also wear plaid. Lots of it. A plaid dress. A plaid shirt. Whatever. Also, like the hat, if it matches your partner, you get bonus points. 

The most important trend is this. You can wear it at any age. At least from what I saw, that's what I assume. 

DON'T misbehave or you will wind up like this.

DO find yourself a cute cowboy. Or two. 

DO stop random people in the grandstands and make them pose for your photos. 
This girl was awesome.

DO bring binoculars. 
DON'T laugh when people catch you taking pictures of them and give you a mean mug face.

DO get a funnel cake. I got one. It was soooo good. 
(note: if you do not have a white hat, pink is also an option)

DO stay for the Big and Rich concert, even if it means you are going to be a grumpy puss the entire next day. DO cheer loudly to songs you have never heard before. DO ask people, "Is THIS Big and Rich?" DON'T get mad if they look at you funny.

DO find a cowboy in front of a light so you can get a good silhouette photo! 

I just realized I didn't put any photos of the bulls or bareback riding up. 
I guess I was too busy people watching! 

Have you ever been to a rodeo? 
If so, what was your favorite part? If not, would you go to one?


  1. I LOVE rodeo's - We have a huge one every year in Houston - Mutton Busting is my favorite! It's all so much fun - exciting with a ton of people watching! xoxo from Trinidad

  2. I've always wanted to go to a rodeo. I love all the pictures :)

  3. I live in the west, so yes, I've been to rodeos. I love the bull riding. :)

  4. Looks like fun...I have never been to a rodeo. I think I would have done a lot of people watching too!

  5. Ha, I love all the pictures! Looks like you had a great time! I Have not been to the rodeo since I was a child and back then rodeos scared me becuase I was afraid the bulls would run through the fence!!!


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