It's a Wrap

This week has been a very busy one! I spent a lot of time outside, taking pictures of road damage. Fun! Those don't get included here though!

It's been a HOT week!
Notice the "feels like"
Last Sunday, I went to watch the World Cup with friends. Man, those girls are awesome! They came sooooo close! SO CLOSE! On the way there I took some pictures of barns. MO has plenty of them! You can see other barn and random photos I've taken each week here.

Big barn. Little shed.

Matching car and Barn.

My fave. Has a bunch of campaign signs on it. "Free advertising"!

Barn and Mini Silo
On Monday, I was featured at Yep They Are All Mine! I also ran 6 miles, which was NOT fun! See the face below? That means "this run was okay". Also note, I ran it VERY slowly. It was HOT! Did I mention that yet?

On Tuesday, I was nominated on FTLOB for "Best in Travel". You still have 6 days left to cast your vote! (click here)

A coworker's daughter brought Jamaican Meat Patties from South Florida (I mentioned them in this post). Have you ever had a meat patty? They are delicious! Here is a pic for your viewing pleasure.

Jamaican Meat Patty (beef)
On Friday, I ran my fastest mile in a while! Actually I ran 4 miles, but the first one was especially fast for me, so I am only showing you that one. (The others were all about 9:10) And it was about 90 degrees outside. Maybe I am getting used to the heat? Shaaah. And monkeys might fly out of my...(if you have seen Wayne's World, you know the rest of this sentence.)

Hurrah! Getting faster!
I found my NEW favorite thing at the grocery store (number 1 on this list)! It's pretty awesome. (You guys have probably already known about it for years.)

I've also spent some time writing over at WRTR: Go and check it out! This week I wrote about "dangerous" things, Bolivian style.

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  1. congrats on your pace!! your "slow" pace is my normal...;)

  2. Love the barns and loved Waynes World... after all these years I am still quoting that movie :)

  3. The heat has finally broke here! Woo hoo! It was a blissful 63 degrees this morning when i walked to church. So I treated myself to a coffee at a cafe with a patio becuase I figure I should soak up these gorgeous temps! Hopefully the worst is behind us. I do not care for those crazy hot/humid temps!

  4. Oh and congrats on your run! That is speedy!! I did 8 yesterday am and my pace was 9:50, which I am content with!

  5. I liked the photographs of the barns, especially the one with the matching truck.

  6. Hello from FTLOB!!! What an action packed post I came into! Haha, anyway I looooooove old barns as well. I'm sure it has a lot to do with being from wisconsin...

    But congrats on the many hot'n'sweaty miles! I wish I had that kind of endurance!

  7. Coming over from FTLOB Comment Sunday.

    The heat wave is miserable where I live as well. :(

    Your pictures, in fact, remind me of my neck of the woods what with the barns and all.

  8. Hey just found your blog and love your 'who am I?' section. I think this maybe my kind of place...

  9. SO glad I found your blog (via Comment Love). I'm also obsessed with travel and love to run. You've been to a zillion awesome places - I'm excited to read about some of them! I just got back from a year teaching English in Spain and traveled a bit.


  10. Wow! That is some crazy heat - I'm jealous! Congrats on your run, it puts my little trips around the block to shame!

  11. Boo to all this heat! But seriously, that is a speedy mile!

  12. I never thought I would actually like barn photos, but yours are great! And good advice at the end :)


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