Currently: March

Current Book - Allegiant. I am nearly finished. I also just finished the Vacationers (bleh) and started Tiny Beautiful Things.

Current Running Path - It is about 1 mile to the trails from my house so I have been doing a lot of running in my local hills lately.

Current Drink - Sparkling water. It feels sort of special.

Current Excitement - My trip to Portland this weekend! 

Current Podcast - PRI's The World, which is a daily news show. It's nice to catch up on the world events while on the bus or while running.

Current Garden Item -N/A. Well actually, there are a lot of weeds!

Current Love -The weather. I love spring!

Current Food - There have been a lot of  boring meals in my life lately...chili, stew, pasta, and the regular line up of fruit and cereal and nuts...

Current Indulgence - A new laptop. I got this one. I am still getting used to it because it has Windows 8 and a touch screen, whereas my current laptop has Vista. 

Currently Pondering - How the heck I am going to run a 100k this weekend with serious lack of training. I know I can do it, but it's going to be rough. The fact that this was supposed to be an A race is kind of hard for me as well. 

Current Mood -
Unmotivated. I don't feel like running, or doing anything... I think I have spring fever. 

Current New Find - My local grocery store has a tiny second store about 1 mile further down the road and there is no line, even on weekends! Score. 

Current Peeve - When the bus driver is late, which makes me late for work and throws off my morning. 
Current Song - I am really having fun with a throwback radio station that we have here, which plays old Snoop Dogg and other fun 90s rap. I mean, who doesn't love Gin and Juice?

Current Triumph - Finally my ankle is better! Now I just need to get back into shape.... 
Current TV Show -  N/A. We got rid of cable and got Netflix, but I don't really use it that much. 

Current Wish-List - I have a few secret wishes right now. One I can tell you is that I want a really light, really warm sleeping bag. However, they do not come cheap, so I am biding my time... This one has really good reviews and may be what I am looking for.

Currently Delaying -Working out / running. I have a race this weekend and am using that as my excuse to "taper" (aka: do nothing and eat a lot). 

What is on your wish list? What are you pondering these days?  


  1. Gin and Juice - ha, now that's a throwback song! Love it! Which laptop did you wind up buying? You put a link to PRI's The World (I was very disappointed! ha!).

    My current wish list is signed taxes (which reminds me, I just need to print them out and sign them!) and a new computer. I'm pondering just how truly effed up politics are in our country right now. I should probably stop if I want to keep my sanity.

  2. Have fun in Portland! I've always wanted to go there and will make it (for really reals) in the next couple of years. sometime.

    Windows 8 on a laptop suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. it's a touch better on a touch screen device. but it is so horrible on non-touchscreen laptops that M$ is actually releasing the next version a year early and changed the naming convention to get away from it. Love win8 on my phone (for the most part) but it has no place on laptop or desktop computers.

  3. Going from Vista to Windows 8 is a huge change! I hope you get used to it pretty quickly.

  4. I hope that your race goes ok this weekend! I bet it will be a fun trip, though! Bummer that you were sick and had the ankle issue as both were just out of your control! I hate that feeling of going into a race not as prepared as I would like to be!

    Let's see, wishlist items are for my parents to retire (they've worked too hard for too long and my dad has had health issues lately that make me wish they would slow down), for my move to magically happen without me having to pack up my kitchen, and for the condo market to rebound in the area that I own so I can get rid of that place! And these days I have been pondering work stuff mostly.

  5. I hope your race goes well this weekend! Are other running friends going to be there as well? I'd love a beach vacation but I'd also settle for a nap :)

  6. A secret grocery store? So wonderful. I brave the crowds at mine because I really like their selection, and because no matter how busy they are (and they are usually pretty packed), they always have enough register lanes open and you NEVER have to wait in line.

  7. 100k - holy crap girl! Good luck!! It's mostly mental anyways right? You will rock it.

    I'm currently anticipating our trip to Maui. We leave in ONE WEEK! Eep!

  8. Most Americans despise sparkling water... I have taught my husband to love it mixed with apple juice :) You need to try this! It's such a thirst quencher!

    Good luck on the 100k.... holy moly.

    My current wish list contains the following: moving, my new work contract and vacation. Can't wait for the summer when my family comes :)

  9. Shoot, I just commented- I hope there's not a duplicate! Anyway, I just asked how the race went? And I hope that you feel out of your funk soon... it's hard when you can't do your regular exercise routine... I feel like it gets you all out of whack!


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