Randoms and Peeves

There are a lot of things that annoy me; some of them are organizational, like the fact that I like certain things to have their place and when they are not there, it is annoying (car keys anyone?). Some just seem like common sense, like not leaving two drops of milk in the milk carton in the fridge or one square of toilet paper on the roll (obvious, right?). However, there are things out in the world and on the streets that I know I can't control (nor do they really affect me) but I get annoyed at them anyway. So, in no particular order, here is a (Friday Five?) list of some of my peeves.

People who use cell phones while walking. Just like driving, this should be illegal. They don't pay attention; they don't look up; they don't walk in a straight line OR walk fast enough. They need to pull over and use the phone while stopped in a place where they are not in other people's way.

Litter bugs. This is a really big one for me. I see littering as something that the lower class does. I am sorry if this is not true but it seems like the lower income neighborhoods have more trash. However, I've seen people throw their fast food wrappers down right in front of me in downtown San Francisco (and I didn't say anything)! Have you no pride? Also, in this case, the trash can was literally 10 feet from them! To make it worse, I ran a trail race last weekend and there was a bunch of race detritus (Gu wrappers mostly) on the trail! These are people who should be loving and respecting nature!

This one kind of goes along with the trash theme, but people who do not sort their trash annoy me. At work, we have a basket for compost, one for bottles and cans, one for all other recycling and one for trash. There are PICTURES that tell you which thing goes in which bin, but there is always someone who throws their plastic container in the compost bin.

People in the gym who take up the whole changing bench in the locker room with all of their stuff, or people who sit on the changing bench and text, Instagram, Facebook or talk on the phone, especially when the locker room is really crowded (like at 5 pm, as everyone is changing for Zumba).  There is an atrium in my gym where there is plenty of space to socially network.

People who walk really slow on the sidewalk, especially during rush hour. Don't they get it? It's "rush" hour! Also, when they don't walk straight, whether I am walking or running up behind them and am about to pass, if they are swerving/veering around, it's hard to figure out how to get around them without a collision! 

So, all of my peeves are regarding things that people do/don't do. Hm. By the way, Happy Friday everyone! If you do one of the above things, I will still be your friend, but I may complain a bit about it!

What are some of your peeves? Do you have recycling/composting where you live?


  1. My pet peeve for the moment has to do with socks...I am the only person in my family who puts them where they belong...in the HAMPER!!! At any given moment we have socks scattered around our house ranging from big man sizes to itty bitty baby sizes! It drives me NUTS!!! I take a few minutes every night to sweep over the house collecting all the mother-loving socks...we don't even have that many feet in our house! I think little elves come in the night! I told my daughter that a leprechan gets into the sock drawers at night...of course that scared the crud out of her!!

  2. I agree with every one of these! Especially the littering thing. It's 2014. Why are people still littering???

  3. yea there's a ton of things in the gym locker room that irritate me. The bench is never long enough.

  4. I am guilty of talking on my phone when walking occasionally, but I always try to be mindful of the people around me.
    I am pretty much with you on all the other pet peeves. People do annoying things ;)

  5. Ha, I love reading about others pet peeves. I agree but I will admit that I do sometimes talk on the phone while walking but I try to be aware of where I am/where I am going. I don't like it when people text while walking because they definitely do not watch where they are going. I can't handle slow walkers anywhere at anytime. Especially when you get a group of slow walkers that take up the whole side walk. I also really get annoyed with people who have their dog on a long leash, which I know we have talked about. Oh and people who smoke on running/walking paths. What the hell are they thinking?

    End rant. ;)

  6. Littering drives me nuts. Especially cigarettes thrown out of car windows. Yuck.

  7. I can't handle when two to three people walk in a line down the sidewalk or in the mall and just come to a dead stop without looking behind them or when they walk super slowly. So annoying!

  8. I confess I often go for a walk and call my mom. But it's not on a busy sidewalk, so hopefully I'm not annoying anyone. :) I definitely agree on the slow walkers in the middle of busy sidewalks! And the locker room etiquette...seems like it should be so obvious.

  9. This post made me laugh. Largely, because I used to get super uber ultra annoyed by a lot of the things on your list ... but, I now find myself being that annoying person more often than not. Walking with a little person, means walking slowly and stopping a lot. Sometimes that habit carries over, even when said little person isn't present. I can't help it. Also, around here, people being irresponsible with their trash has nothing to do with class or earning potential - we live in a nice neighborhood and there's trash everywhere. I'm almost as disgusted with the homeowners who don't pick up the litter as I am with the people who throw it down in the first place.

  10. I laughed in agreeance at most of these. If you can't walk and talk, get off the footpath. People that make emergency granny stops whist walking are just as annoying as people that start walking just as you're passing them. Another pet peeve of mine is girls wearing heels that need recapping. The sound of the exposed metal in the heel on tiles etc is like fingernails on a chalkboard. The not walking straight gets me as well - most of the footpaths are paved in the CBD so the tiles basically give you straight lines to follow - it's not hard people!!

    1. ...and replying to myself... Another pet peeve is people that use speaker phone at the desk for no good reason.


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