What I Love

- Trail Running.

Palos Colorados
Palos Colorados Trail

- Greek yogurt with honey. I have been buying the plain Fage from Costco and adding my own local honey to it as a treat and it is So Good.

- A weed free garden. I spent the last couple of weekends prepping the garden for planting and even planting a few things! So far in the ground: tomatoes, green beans, beets, carrots, zucchini and two that are new to me: peppers and broccoli. I am still waiting for a few more to sprout before planting them but I am excited to try a few new things and am looking forward to eating FRESH tomatoes again!

- This song

- Having this view every day.

office view
Some days it's better than others

- The smell of clean laundry: our washer stopped working last week and I had to go without for a while. Let me tell you, gym clothes don't really keep very well.

- Lunch time workout sessions. I have been going for a half an hour once or twice a week and it's been great. Last week I ran outside because it was so beautiful and I am so glad I did.

SF Bay View
Lunchtime run views

- Downton Abbey. Yup, I finally caved. It was on On Demand so I have been rationing them, but I am through the first two seasons and into the third. I am sad that there are only 7 episodes per season! What's up with that!? 

- Brunch. This week, no brunch, but I am building a list of my local favorites by going a couple times a month. Some of my favorites: Brown Sugar Kitchen, Sams Log Cabin, Cafe Biere & Venus. Are you a Bay Area native? Do you have a brunch place I should try?

What do you love? What makes you happy? Have you jumped on the Downton bandwagon yet?


  1. Being without a washer is one of the worst things ever! Ours died a couple months ago and I was definitely a bear until our new one came. Also, plain greek yogurt with local honey is definitely one of the best things ever!

  2. No Downton Abby yet here...mostly because my DVR is full already! I love the smell of laundry when I'm running. Going by people's houses and smelling it early in the morning! In the spring I love too the smell of lilac bushes blooming! So sweet and reminds me that summer is around the corner!

  3. Yes, we love Downton Abby! Hmm what else, I'm also loving the sounds of spring, the longer days, dark chocolate... :)

  4. Love your sunny views:) Lately I am loving the little signs of spring and laying in front of the fire.

  5. That's quite a trail, and quite a view! are you still living with the bf?

  6. Fage with honey is my favorite. I can't believe I haven't thought about buying the big container and adding my own honey until reading this post. Downton Abbey sucks you right in but it's worth it!

  7. I also love trail running and Downton Abbey! Season three is SOOOOOO good!

  8. That is a great view! I totally fell for Downton last spring when I had oral surgery. I think I watched the first two series in less than a week.

  9. That view from your office is hilarious. Reminds me when I came to Chicago as a senior in college to interview for jobs during spring break (early March). I was in a highrise downtown and couldn't see a thing out one window. I moved into another conference room and the snow was blowing sideways out that window. Gotta love it!

  10. I love a weed free garden too- although it's rare around here to keep it weed free all season. I was hooked on Downton Abbey season 1 but I dropped it. I just couldn't deal with the drama. It had me all tied in knots!

  11. I have not jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon yet becuase I do not have access to them since i don't have On Demand or netflix... I am sure I will watch them some day - maybe after the CFA is behind me.

    I love scrambled eggs with salsa, spicy curry, fresh cucumbers from the garden, the show Top Chef, Tom Colicchio, Minneapolis, and my iPhone, among other things!

  12. I'm getting ready to weed the flower beds in the front of my house and plant flowers. I haven't really ever done it before, but I am SO excited.


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