The holidays were good, there was running to be had, and plenty of stuffing. I am not going to go on about it. Instead, here are a few other random things that have been happening around these parts.

- I found all the seasons of Greys Anatomy on the DVR. The past weekend was full of McDreamy, Christmas card making and pajama wearing. Life is good.

- I finally did that thing I have been putting off forever, calling the DMV. Did you know they have a thing where instead of sitting on hold, they will call you back? So I put myself in line and carried my phone around in my pocket so I wouldn't miss their call. Somehow I missed it. Two of them. So now it is STILL on my To Do list. Drat.

- My blogger is telling me that I can't post any more photos until I pay a monthly fee for more space. Has anyone else ever had this problem? What do I do? I don't want to pay for space, but I do like posting photos. Poop.

- I can't stop eating. This is a bad problem to have during the holidays when the food is plentiful and full of sugar and starch! But it is so, so good. What kind of cookies should I make next? What about these?

- Karen, who is a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar loving fool, is having a 2012 Blog Award. Go over and check out the nominees, find some new fun blogs, and vote for your favorite! (also, I notice some familiar faces on the list: Laura, Jess, Nilsa and more!)

I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things after the holidays!

What is your favorite cookie? Do you know the fix to the photo storage issue?


  1. hmmm...this photo issue is interesting. Another reason I am glad I switched to WP!

    A day spent in PJs is a good day!

  2. I had the photo thing happen to me. Consider uploading your photos to a free service like Photobucket. Photobucket will provide you with html code so you can paste your image code into your post and it will show up. Flikr is also another one that will do that. Sounds like Thanksgiving was a good time for you. I love this time of year.

  3. Holy hell, wait, I'm up for a Grammy? No wait, an Emmy? hahaha. I don't know Karen, but must go to her blog. She seems to think I'm a good blogger? What Kool-Aid is she drinking?!?!

    Also, you must migrate your blog to Wordpress. It is so much more superior to Blogger (and yes, I've used both platforms).

  4. I've never heard of this photo storage issue. How weird. I suppose it was just a matter of time before they started making money off of free blogs...

  5. That blog nomination is fantastic, congrats! I'm in the same boat with eating- and planning to make granola this afternoon, which I cannot help but eat as I go... :)

  6. you might be able to delete some of the old photos to make room. i think they give you like gb and I haven't come that close yet. I also resize them to 640 x 480 before uploading, that takes up no space at all hardly.

  7. Go to Jim's website - 50after40.blogspot.com - he was just talking about the photo storage thing and what he's doing about it.

    I'm going to check out those blog awards - I'm sure I'll see familiar faces.

  8. Those cookis have me drooling! Yum:)

  9. Those cookies do look good... I have a built in excuse not to eat stuff like this anymore. I am now gluten free - forever so unless I make almond meal cookies, or flourless pb cookies, I am not eating them. Sigh.

  10. I think I bought more space back in the day when I co-authored a fash-un blog, but I do like posting pictures. Let us know what you find out. I have been resisting the urge to start holiday baking. I'm trying to hold out for at least one more week.

  11. I love chocolate, but my favorite cookies for Christmas are actually these:

    My sister-in-law made them two years ago and they are fantastic.

    We're hosting a cookie exchange party and I'll definitely be sampling a lot....

  12. I've just heard from a friend (who uses blogger) that she reached her photo upload limit and was asked to pay a monthly fee. I host my blog photos on Flickr (well, paid account though) and then just link them to my blog posts - that way, my blog server doesn't get crammed with photo uploads. Maybe there are some photo hosting services out there for free? (Photobucket, maybe?)
    Otherwise, move to WP... so much better than blogger!

  13. That is odd about the monthly fee! I hadn't heard about that, though!! Hope you can get around it!

    My favorite cookie is probably peanut butter blossoms. My aunt usually gets me some GF ones each Christmas. They are SO good. I also love monster cookies!

  14. I've paid $5 for google storage for a few years now. I had to. I've been uploading family pics to my google account since 2005. The only way around it is to delete some of your blogger photos in your picasa account. picasaweb.google.com

    I didn't know about the award thingy! COOL! Someone likes me! I feel all special now...thanks for mentioning it.


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