Currently: November

Current Book -

Current Favorite Celebrity - Paul from Top Chef (my Mom and I just watched the finale)


Current Drink - Water. I have been drinking a ton of it! 

Current Excitement - A good friend is coming to visit the Bay Area for the first time and I can't wait to show her around my city, to do some running and to catch upWe have both been busy lately and haven't had as much time to do so. 

Current fashion trend - Leggings. Are. Not. Pants. 

Current Favorite Blog/Website - My Life as a Foreigner -- her last post was about some of the things that may make her crazy. And let me tell you, one of them involves a pet snail.
Current Garden Item - tomatoes / lemons

Current Love -  Seeing my family not one, not two, NOT three, but five times over the last five weeks! 

Current Food - This Philippine dried coconut from Costco (ps. It's only 8.99 at Costco!). They also have mangos by the same brand. They are equally as good.

Currently Pondering -What my #12 race for 12 in 2012 is going to be!

Current Indulgence - NOT running, although it just feels wrong. The darkness is facilitating it though. 

Current Mood - Happy but a bit tired out. 

Current New Find - Samsung Galaxy S3. Yup, I got a new phone!

Current Outfit - I've spent a lot of time in running clothes lately. Plus I wanted to post this photo. Look at Broski. He is concentrating on getting over that finish line! Grrrr. 

Current Peeve - People who walk and text. Pay attention or get out of my way! Or learn to walk straight and fast and pay attention while you are doing it! 
Current Song - 


Current Triumph - I still have not bought a book this year. In fact, I haven't even missed it! Its funny how you really don't NEED many things and how there are usually easy alternatives to certain things you thought you wanted! (Next up: A no pantry buying spree!) 
Current TV Show - I have been tuning the TV to the local radio station. They just put out a new CD called Live From the Archives, which is all live music that was recorded in the studio or at a KFOG concert. It is a pretty good line up. You should check it out if you are looking for some good new music! (Especially if you like the song above, there will be lots on the CD that you will love!)

Current Wish-List - An apron, a new Garmin (Mine JUST stopped uploading to my computer). 

Currently Delaying - Calling DMV. What I need will probably take 4 seconds but I keep putting it off! I don't know what my problem is. 

What things do you put off a lot? Any new music you are loving lately? What's your biggest pet peeve right now? 


  1. I'd procrastinate calling the DMV today. You have to be in the right frame of mind for that kind of thing! :)

  2. That coconut from Costco is so good, and no one else in my house likes it, I get the bag all to myself, current pet peeve is all the politcal ads, ending today YAY!
    Song is Girl on Fire, just discovered it yesterday, (where have I been?)

  3. have a massive girl crush on Florence-how can you not? love this song-great for listening to in the car, or running, or dancing in the flat...anything really!

  4. I didn't love Blood, Bones, and Butter either. I didn't really like the author.

  5. I had a much better comment but I read No Pantry as No Panty at first and that made me forget everything else I was going to say!

  6. My biggest pet peeve right now are people who jump all over you when your political opinion is different from theirs....ummm isn't that the point of being in the US? We can have differing opinions? I am totally procrastinating writing thank you notes...I'm awful!

  7. Glad your friend is coming into town, you are going to have so much fun! I put off everything, I am the worst procrastinator. Always have been always will be. Drives my husband crazy! Current pet peeve is people talking politics. An employee at the post office tried to debate political issues with me when I was buying stamps to mail my ballot. Argh!

  8. So are you wearing pants right now? That graphic is hilarious. According to that flowchart jeans are pants so I'm good... for now.

  9. I first read the "no pantry buying" and "no panty buying" and was confused. HA!

    I have been putting off dealing with my school loan company. It's been on my to-do list for 3 weeks now. EEP!

  10. If walking and texting is one of your pet peeves, then make sure never to live near a high school. I wind up cussing under my breath (or not) every time I have to walk through a swarm of them!

    I've been putting off calling our dentist office. There is a disputed claim that our insurance company says the dentist never filed and the dentist's office says they did file and the insurance company never paid ... and I'm stuck in the middle with the responsibility of clearing it up. It doesn't help that my calls go unanswered during business hours and they NEVER respond to voicemails (nice business practices, eh?!). It gives me hives whenever I think about it. Oiy!

  11. I walk and text all the time... sorry. I don't do it when there's a crowd around.

    I love the picture of you and your brother - your legs look so muscular!

    I'm procrastinating paying bills... uh, it's the 6th, I should probably get on it.

  12. I delay paying bills--not a good habit!! And I love that Florence + the Machine song too.

    Thanks again for the guest post--I just put it up about 30 seconds ago. Now I'm going to go back to read your recap link. I was dying to all day, but I was in a library-catalog software class, which was about as fun as it sounds. Yawn.

  13. Where I live, the women wear long shirts/tunic tops or longish skirts over leggings and I kinda like that.

    New phone, nice for you! I am curious as to what you will pick for your 12th in 12.

  14. I procrastinate making doctor's and dentist's appointments when I need to. I just hate going. I can't believe you haven't bought a book all year! I'm not sure I could ever accomplish that goal.

  15. My half #12 is this weekend! Hard to believe! Curious to see what your #12 will be. My current pet peeve is when people say they're going to do something and don't. If you're not going to do it that's ok, but don't tell me you will and don't. That way I won't expect it and will know that I have to make sure it gets done. Ugh!

  16. Wow. Can't believe you are on your 12th race. That is just amazing. Way to go!!

    I am currently reading a biography about Julia child. I am currently putting off the studying I should be doing by reading blogs instead of reading my series 65 materials. My pet peeve is people who ask too many personal questions about relationships. I am just kind of a private person...


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