10 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 1, 2 & 3

Lately, I have so many things going around in my head that I cannot make them settle coherently. This is good timing though, since last year I joined up with Lisa to do the 10 Days of Thanksgiving and it's about that time again! Like last year, I will not necessarily do one a day, but there WILL be 10 things! You can see the ones I did last year here. Also like last year, I am a little late to the party. That's the way it goes in November, I guess. The first three are kind of a theme... Here they are: Things I am thankful for this year, number 1, 2 and 3!

1. Where I Live

The neighborhood

This year I am lucky to be in the Bay Area, where the weather is perfect running weather all year round. No matter what you like to do, it is here. Within walking distance, there are restaurants, grocery stores, running trails, art, wine and easy biking paths. It is all here! There is something for everyone and the everyones are varied. I like having varied everyones around me.

2. Great Food 

Pancakes at La Note

Ethiopian? Vietnamese? Nepalese? Burmese? YES PLEASE! I love all the great ethnic food near me and let me tell you, I MISS that when I am working around the country. I get so tired of fried food and meat with gravy. I want a nice, steaming hot bowl of Pho! So that's great. My other favorite thing to do is Brunch. I have a list of places To Try that I am working on, albeit slowly! Some of my local favorites? Brown Sugar and Sams Log Cabin. This is up for change though! Any suggestions?

3. Places to Run 

Huckleberry Preserve

This deserves a post all on it's own, but it is so nice to not only have a great neighborhood to run in, but also several paths nearby. Best of all, there are several parks with many, MANY different trails to run on. As you know, trail running is my favorite thing to do and I also think running hilly routes is better for you, is less monotonous and makes you stronger overall. So having these so near to me is pure BLISS. I don't ever want to live anywhere where I don't have trail access ever again!

What are you thankful for this year? What is your favorite thing about the area you live in?


  1. I am glad you are also playing along! I can not wait to run in your nice, mild weather! We have had some really cold days lately, so I am looking forward to more mild temps! And I hope we can get brunch when i visit!

    It is hard to pick a favorite thing about the area I live. I just love it in general! But i would probably have to say that most of all, I love the fact that I live close to downtown, but also live close to the river. Best of both worlds!

  2. Your neighborhood looks so nice:) I love that you are so close to so many things.

  3. One thing that I am really diggin' about where I live now as compared to where I lived the last two years is the variety of ethnic foods and restaurants here. There are like 4 pho places and 8 sushi places just between me and the closest Target. Yum!

  4. I'm pretty sure I'd love your neighborhood with the moderate temperatures, great access to the outdoors and scrumptious food!

  5. did someone mention pancakes? I'm thankful there are several GREAT breakfast places that have pancakes in Boulder.

    AND i love all the data geekery available in Boulder - just did a stride analysis and the guy compared my form to Mirinda Carfrae! I even posted some photos on the blog to prove it..seriously, where else can you get info like that??

  6. Those are all great things. We have a lot of great ethnic restaurants and markets in my town too. I love the diversity.

  7. I'm coming up there to go have some of those pancakes. YUM!!!

    We have a good amount of ethnic food around here too. And maybe I'll get adventurous and take to some of the trails around here.

  8. Wow! Fantastic neighborhood. I'd love to live somewhere where the temperature was nearly perfect all year round. Hiking trails are a must for me too. I'm thankful to live close to mountains with hiking and biking trails.


Thanks for commenting! Any suggestions, tips or praise you have is always welcome!