Wine and Love (6)

It's time for this week's Wine and Love, hosted by Nora. This is where you list the things that are happening this week that are making you reach for the wine and all the things that you love!


- Not working. It sucks. I wouldn't mind it if I knew that I had a sure thing coming at some point, but not knowing the when or where is hard sometimes. I knew it would be like this going in, and I have money saved just for this reason, but still, when there is no "end" in sight, it is hard to plan the rest of my life.

- My running headphones are broken. I can only hear out of one ear bud. I guess it's time for new ones, but I swear, I go through about 2 pairs of them each year! It's getting to be an expensive habit!

- I haven't been reading. In March, so far, I have only read ONE book. I know it's my own fault; I am not making time for it, but I miss it. I need to fit it back into my schedule. I am pretty much on track for my 12 in 2012 reading challenge still, but I need to get in gear or I may fall behind!

- Gas Prices:


- That I have more loves than wines.

- Today, I am on a plane headed to see one of my best friends! She and I plan on doing LOTS of catching up, eating, window shopping, walks and time spent together. I can't wait.

- This week my brother met up with me in the city and we went to the Fillmore to see the Kaiser Chiefs. I haven't been to a concert in a long time, but it reminded me how much I love going to see live music!

- Sunday I had a great chat on the phone with both of my parents. It's nice to catch up and to hear their voices. I miss them.

- I finally bought new running shoes! I wore them for the first time on Tuesday for a 6 mile run and they feel GREAT! I was waiting to get a good deal; I looked online and compared prices and then ended up going to Sports Authority because they were having a sale PLUS 20% off one item. I scored my shoes for $50! Hurray! I was hoping to spend less that $70, so this was a steal of a deal!

- The weather. Right now we are having perfect, 45-50 degree days. It is great running weather, the sky has been clear and on my runs I can see all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge! I love it.

- One of my goals was to do yoga one day a week. I am doing it, although only for about 15 or 20 minutes, but it feels great. I am trying to build it up, little by little and am looking forward to seeing where it takes me!

What's on your wine/love list this week? What earphones do you use? How much is gas where you live?


  1. I use Nike headphones - they sort of wrap around my ear. They are actually the only ones I like for running. I have to replace them about 1-2 time per year as well!

    - I am really sick of studying.

    - The weather has been glorious here!

  2. I've been going through 3-4 pairs of headphones in a year, but I usually buy cheap ones anyway. I still haven't found a pair I like, even after trying non-cheap ones. Enjoy the new shoes and your trip!

  3. I thought our gas prices were bad!!!
    That I have to be inside on this beautiful day!
    That I get out at 2:30 and the day won't be over!!

  4. I use Nike headphones that wrap around my ear and I think I go through about 1-2 a year too. I buy them on Amazon though and they're usually pretty cheap. I cannot, no way no how, run without music. Headphones are as necessary to me as shoes!

  5. Gas has gotten up to $3.72 here now. We have a fair amount of taxes included in there, so it's higher than SC or other counties in NC. I use some radio shack headphones and haven't been able to kill them for over a year. But I really like the sony's I found at best buy before that. I wear the earbuds that have an "over the ear" arm with it, they never seem to just hang in my ear without that.

  6. So fun to go see your friend! My headphones broke on the plane home from Europe:( I have been "borrowing" my sons headphones until I remember to buy my own. Gas here is $4.17/gallon. CRAZY!

  7. And here I was, complaining gas was $3.75. Just makes me nervous for what's to come, especially since I have a road trip thrown into my summer plans! Eek!

    I have such a problem with headphones since I have tiny little earholes, lol. I bought a pair of Skullcandy recently but they have a slick earbud and always fall out of my ears when I run. Not fun at all!

  8. I need to get back to yoga! Some day...

    Running with only one ear bud in is safer, anyway. Maybe it's a good thing!

  9. I don't think I realized you're not working! Hope something comes up soon! Ya gas in BC right now is about 1.40 a LITRE and there are 4 litres in a gallon so ya, I hear ya on that one!

  10. Yay for new shoes and yoga! Yoga is the best. Gas prices? Not so much.

  11. I'm sorry about your job and earphone situations. And the gas prices. Ugh.

    Yay for new shoes! That's a great deal. It's really time I get myself some new running shoes too.


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