A Year in Races

This year has been a good year, running wise. After not running very much last year (1 race and probably a few miles a week on average), I am glad that I made the time this year to run more and to be healthier. I feel better overall and I like having goals to strive for. Here is a quick recap of the races from 2011.


City of Roses Half Marathon, Cape Girardeau, MO: Thanks to my friend G-man, who backed out of this race but was the one to suggest it, I had a reason to train through the hot summer in Missouri. I started running 2 miles and worked my way up to half marathon shape. This race was a big PR for me. I finally broke the 2 hour mark!

Women Run the Cities 10 Mile, Minneapolis, MN: Thanks to Lisa, this was a fun weekend! We toured around Minneapolis before doing the run on Sunday. I had never run a 10 mile run before, so it was an automatic PR! Gotta love that!


Green Stride Half Marathon, Newburyport, MA: I met up with my friend M, who lives in Boston, and we drove up to Newburyport (with Mr. L, who was our complimentary cameraman) for a beautifulrace through the New England fall colors.


Almond Bowl Half Marathon, Chico, CA: My mom accompanied me to this race and took photos of my struggles. It was a chilly morning run, and part of it was on a dirt (rocky) road, but it was not too hilly and therefore netted me another PR.

Turkey Trot (5k), Fairhaven, MA: I roped Mr. L into doing this with me and we both had a great time! I think no matter what distance races you normally do, you should throw a 5k in from time to time in order to remind yourself how fun it is to run shorter distances!


California International Marathon, Sacramento, CA: This is the big one, Elizabeth. I am so glad I finally buckled down and signed up for a marathon. It has been on my life list for a long time and I admit to putting it off, year after year, because I was afraid that afterwards I would be done with running. Quite the contrary, I am ready for the 2012 season! With gusto!

So, all in all, it was a good running season. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Also, here is a quick recap of the HBBC activities for the last week.

Week of Dec 10 – 16: 30.6 Points total (23.6 miles run / 7 days of veggies)
Week of Dec 17 – 23: 30 points total (23 miles run / 7 days of veggies)

Did you run any races this year? Which one was your favorite? Are you having any success in keeping your cookie weight off?  


  1. No cookie weight so far!

    My favorite race was the Air Force Marathon. An all around perfect event!

  2. I ran a half marathon, a couple of 10 mile races, and a 10k! I think that's everything? My fave race was my Victoria half as I PR'd and ran a strong race.

    You raced alot!! What a great running year this has been for you!!

  3. Kelley started her holiday baking yesterday. I'm already feeling it.

    Great running year!

  4. I ran a half marathon, a couple 5Ks, and a 5-miler on Thanksgiving. I think Turkey Trots are awesome and that everyone should sign up for one on Thanksgiving!

  5. You did a lot of races in the second half of the year! I'm so glad that you did the 10 miler in The Cities and we got to meet!

    I'm going to do some holiday baking this afternoon (after I run this morning and finish up grocery shopping for the holiday meal). I have gained a couple of pounds, but I think it's because I tend to eat my way through grading final exams and that writing workshop was not good conducive to healthy eating either.

  6. From the Friday Fitness Blog Hop!Very impressive racing! I am planning on getting into the races in 2012 and I am so glad I found your blog! Happy Holidays!!

  7. I ran a half marathon, a marathon and Hood to Coast this year - so pretty minimal racing year for me due to injury in the 2nd half of the year. I have to say my fave was the Vancouver USA marathon partly because I PR'd and trained for it with great friends.

    You had a GREAT year racing! I love traveling to races - such a great way to see a city!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. I think my fav was the RnR New Orleans marathon last February. It's not my fastest time, but it was a PR at the time and nothing beats racing in your home town!

  9. Great year for you! I did my first marathon this year, and it went relatively smoothly, so that would have to be the favorite. Have a great Christmas weekend!

  10. Oh gosh, I think it's gone beyond cookie weight, I might be cooking a food baby.

    Did a some 5ks and 4 half marathons this year.

  11. Several of your races sound like great ones to run! I did quite a few races this year. I think I finished the year with more than 12 races.

  12. You were a racing machine! My favorite race this past year was hands down Hood to Coast.

    Here's to an awesome 2012! I am looking forward to it :)


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