Way Back When-sday (1)

Going for the Rod Stewart Hairdo. Christmas 1979.

Feel free to make your own caption for this photo.

Inspired by Allison.
The Blogivers

Were you the first one up on Christmas day when you were a kid?


  1. That is such a clever post title! :)

    My parents had us open Santa presents on Christmas Eve. The way they did it was genius. Before we opened gifts, my dad would put the bag of Santa gifts on the deck. Then when we opened gifts, my dad would always find some reason to leave the room (Try on a new sweater, go get something to drink, etc) and he would ring the doorbell (we had this doorbell programmer upstairs so he could ring it from upstairs). Then my parents would say - it must be santa! We'd run downstairs, and then my mom would say - oh wait, kids, santa left your gifts up here on the deck.

    Same thing. Year after year. I never caught on.

    So anyways, long story short, I think my parents had us open Santa gifts on CHristmas Eve to avoid the early morning on Christmas Day. ;) I don't remember getting up super early that day. Plus we always went to mass on Christmas Eve so we didn't have to get up for church so it was a pretty lazy morning for us!

  2. We were always up at the crack of dawn! My poor parents. They let us open our stockings until they got up, made a fire (only wood heat in the house) and had coffee made - then the present opening extravaganza could commence!

  3. Love the hair!!! I think my brother and I were both up early and we'd go wake our parents up!!! Now a days I'm always the first one up and we are always sitting around waiting for my brother but that gives me time for a run!


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