Ten on Tuesday (17)

These questions were hosted by Chelsea and brought to you by...yours truly!

1. When you are on a plane and the kid behind you is kicking your seat, what do you do?
I WANT to turn around and yell at the mother to pay attention because her kid is being rude and annoying but usually I do nothing. If it goes on for a while I will turn around and give them both the stink eye. That's the most confrontational I get.

2. What food that you KNOW is bad for you and you shouldn't have, but you love/eat it anyway?
I love a Starbucks coffee. I try to only indulge once in a while. It's as many calories as a meal!

3. What is your favorite book of all time?
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. I also loved The Hobbit.

4. If I came to visit you in your town, where would we eat?
If you came to San Francisco, we would have a snackapalooza and go to Turkish food, Peruvian food and Mexican food (Ala Turka, Limon & Pancho Villa) and maybe to Michells ice cream for desert.

5. You have 500 dollars and 40 minutes to spend it at any store you want. Where do you go?
REI. And I could probably spend it in about 4 minutes!

6. What blog do you read every day/the most often?
S&R, Lisa's Yarns, A Little Light Reading, KTs Refinishing School, Dude & Sweeties, Yep They Are All Mine.... There are a few more, but since the questions says what "blog" I guess I will stop now.

7. What's the longest you've ever been stuck at an airport?
Well, one weekend I flew Back East from New Orleans and I didn't get there until about 3 am. Then on Sunday when I went to fly home, it was the same thing...so...maybe 10 hours the first day, 8 the second. That weekend was way more airport/plane time than fun time, that is for sure!

8. What's your daily makeup/face/cleansing routine?
Nothing. I take a shower at night after I run. If I am going out, I may put on makeup, but every day, nada.

9. Where is your farthest away friend?
Really GOOD friend -- probably CA or MA (from where I am now!) but I have friends in many places around the world. Probably Australia would be the farthest.

10. Where is your favorite place to go hiking (or to enjoy nature)?
Sierra Nevada Mountains! Represent! 


  1. I am soo not confrontational either...stink eye and heavy sighs are as far as I get when it comes to kicking kids on airplanes :)

    My best friend is normally in CA but is boarding a plane for Kenya today for a 3 week project--jealous!

  2. Good group of questions! I don't do 10 on Tues anymore, but I will be posting tomorrow since you thought these up. :)

    I am not confrontational either. Luckily I have never had the kid-kicking-the-chair experience. :) hope i don't jinx myself by saying tht!

  3. We always go to Pancho Villa when we're in the city. Mmm ... I could really go for a prawn burrito right now!

  4. The hobbit was a great book wasn't it!


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