Where I Live

I did a post a couple of months back showing photos of the place where I love live. As you may know, I am now on the road and of course miss my home. So here are a few more photos, for me to remember home by and for you to see where I live. I think it is a wonderful place! (by the way, some of these pictures also just remind me that I miss my Nikon! Man...the P&S just doesn't have the same quality, really it doesn't.) 

View from the summit of Mt. Shasta
Pulga Bridge & RR Bridge
Front yard on Christmas Day 2010
Sierra Buttes Lichen
State Flower: the Poppy
Feather River
Hwy 70 and Onionskin Rocks
Donner Pass

Strange Yellow goo (mushroom?) on a Log

Where do you live? Do you take time to look at the beauty all around you? I would love to see where you live! Leave a comment and tell me where to look!


  1. I love those photos and share your frustration with a point and shoot :)

    I currently live in St. Louis but my hometown is Pasadena, CA!

  2. poppies! i love those reminders of california hillsides -- the orange and blue just are so fantastic together. and that photo of donner pass! wowie!

    you know where i live -- ye olde cape cod. we're thinking of you in your travels! much love!


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