I just took these photos -- literally 5 minutes ago. Snow. In May. Can you believe it? And yes, I am back in California. In the snow. In May.

I took this one earlier today.

I noticed the weather in New Orleans was about 90 degrees today. How is the weather in YOUR neck of the woods?


  1. Wow, I can't believe it is snowing in California in May.

  2. It snowed in Omaha (where my M-I-L lives) yesterday too! Here in St. Louis, we had tornado warnings (and hail and lightning) last night which was a little scary after the big tornado in Joplin earlier this week!
    Today it is cold and rainy--it is almost summer, right?

  3. I was shocked when I got to work the other morning at it was 39 degrees. I'm in California too.


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