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Another installment of signs. Sorry about the photo heavy posts, but I finally uploaded some pictures! 

Here are a few signs from Thailand and Cambodia that made me giggle.

No....baby sex?

If you are 15, go to this bar!

Supposed to say "Baht".

I want a piece of this!

Actually, this restaurant was pretty fast.

Apparently towels are used differently in Cambodia.

Happy Hour: Open until Close. I like it!

No...coughing, shouting, singing?

And my FAVORITE. No standing on the toilet (people actually do this!!), no wearing boots, and no showers for little girls!!!


  1. oh i love these.... the language barrier elevates them! "we intend to cook...." -- i say that every night, but somehow only get round to it about 4 nights a week. otherwise it's all for one and one for all.

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