Looking Back: May

My favorite month of the year is over! I always like May, as it is springlike and jolly, plus it includes Mother's Day and my birthday! It also is the real kickoff of trail racing season, although here in the Bay Area things don't really slow down too much, even in the winter months.

Running: In May my totals were 215.6 miles running / 40,000 ft climbing, 6.6 miles hiking, and 5.36 miles cycling. So far, I am on track for my running mileage and climbing goals but I need to step up my cycling goal. The month of May involved two races, a 100k and a 50 mile race, which makes it easier to keep the mileage numbers up. However, soon I will need to ramp up even more in order to conquer the dreaded 100 mile race in August.

Silverstate 50M -- bit o' snow this year.

Reading: In May I read 6 books, which are listed below. None of them really wowed me, but my favorite of all of them was Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed, which was a bunch of different people's takes on why they decided not to have children. I think I would have read a lot more, but The Terror was almost 800 pages long! I also knocked 3 books off for the RHC and read two books from my own library (books I own in bold, star next to the ones that satisfy the Read Harder Challenge). So far my totals are 11/24 for RHC and 2/12 for reading my own books.

Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed (4/5)
How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others (3/5)
The Measure of a Lady (3/5)
Cleaving: A Story of Meat, Marriage and Obsession* (3/5)
Tender Points* (3/5)
The Terror* (3/5)

Travel: This month involved a few local trips. I went to Reno for a race, which ended up being a 9 hour drive due to snow conditions (on May 21!!). I also had a great time in Tahoe with friends, doing some snow running/hiking, swimming in Donner lake and eating our weight in hamburgers. Other than that, the only other travel has been near the Bay Area for race spectating and participating.

My friend KH -- snow running near Castle Peak.

Do you have a reading or running goal this year? What is your favorite place for a weekend getaway near you?


  1. Oooh, I need to copy you and bold the books I own. I will do that going forward! I'm doing really well on my book goals. I think I've done around 14 of the RH challenge tasks. I've read 5 physical books that I own plus 4 ebooks. I'm only counting the physical books towards my 12 book goal, though.

    My favorite place for a weekend getaway that is a driveable distance away is my parents lake home. I also love going to Chicago for the weekend but I won't do that drive because it's just awful so instead I try to fly!

  2. I don't have any specific book/reading related goals this year other than to finish my 400th anniversary of Cervantes' death reading of Don Quijote in Spanish. It may take me all summer because I'm also reading other things.

    Nice running and hiking miles! I haven't been on my bike in a year, but I probably won't get back on until after the marathon because that's less than two weeks away now. I need to get my bike adjusted, too, because my right knee was hurting after riding more than 20-30 minutes every time I was on it last summer.

  3. May is your favorite month? boy, down here that's when summertime hits and it gets nothing but hot. It's now officially too hot to run outside anymore. driving me insane since I'm already planning my 2017. But 215 miles in may? Wow. seriously impressive.

  4. I need to find a new weekend getaway spot since we moved!! And we also need to actually make some weekend getaways happen. We've been so busy since moving up here and just moved into our own place this last week. Weekend getaways might have to wait until next summer :)

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