Best of 2015: Travel

It's my favorite time of year again! It's time for the Best of 2015! First, I am going to start with one of my favorites, in fact you may even call it the best of the "Best of": travel.

It's always hard to decide where the best travel places were each year! This year I was lucky to go to several new places as well as a couple of "tried and trues". However, even in the familiar places, sometimes there was a bit of a twist!

Mt. Baker, WA

Portland, OR

Tetons, WY

Rocky Mountain, CO

Home Sweet Home, CA

Half Dome / Yosemite -- May

Sisters Wilderness, OR

Tahoe Rim Trail, NV

Antelope Lake, CA

John Muir Trail / Yosemite - August

TMB, Chamonix, France 

NYC - View from Tribeca

As you can see, much of my travels this year involved the outdoors! This year while traveling, I tried snowshoeing for the first time, I tasted at least 28 different kinds of new beers (that is just a guess), I made a lot of new friends and cemented a lot of old friendships.

This year, I got to see parts of Yosemite I had never seen before, I revisited a couple of states that I haven't seen much of (CO, WY), I revisited a couple of states that I know and love (OR, WA, NY) and I added one new state (Idaho) to my "states I've visited" list.

I had a fabulous 2 weeks in the Alps of France, Switzerland and Italy where I hiked every day, ate way too many baguettes and cheese, drank too much wine and took a lot of photos of the same mountain from all different angles.

I feel so lucky that I have the means to travel and that my health is good. I am also lucky that I have a family that instilled the love of adventure, travel and the outdoors in me!  I try my hardest not to take things like that for granted. I don't know who I would be without some of the places that I have been. All in all, I would call this a successful year of travel and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me!

What journey did you take in 2015? What was your favorite destination this year? 


  1. Wow, you went a lot of places in 2015. That is so awesome. I am glad that I got to join you for one of your adventures. We definitely travel super duper well together!

    This year was the year of small trips for me as all of my trips were long weekends. It's tough to pick a favorite. I loved our trip to CO and loved visiting Amber in Kamloops as both trips were so active. But I loved my trip to Santa Barbara with Phil (which was also an active trip) and our trip to Philly.

  2. So, I gather that you like mountains...

  3. Fantastic! You really got to visit a lot of cool mountains this year. Totally jealous. My favorite trip of the year was actually going to MN to visit Lisa. Such a cool city!

  4. Gorgeous shots of your travels! You had an incredible year in that regard. I'm a little jealous since I didn't travel as much this past year as I have the few previous ones. I think my best trips this year were a short trip to NYC at the beginning of the year and a day trip to go sea kayaking out of Seward, Alaska.

  5. You had an amazing year of traveling to gorgeous places!

  6. So much fun! You did have an amazing year of traveling and being outdoors. Probably our top trip this year was to Maui. That was such an AWESOME trip and we snorkeled or hiked every day so we were super active on it.


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