Looking Back: September

Right now I am jumping for joy, because September was a very good month! I can't say that I have gotten back into my "normal" routine (because what is that, anyway?) but I am feeling a little more organized, and have actually had a chance to do a bit of cleaning and cooking and, you know, normal stuff, without feeling like I am being pulled in a million different directions, or that I "should" be doing something more important. After studying, and then the hangover afterward, I have felt a bit discombobulated. However, September has been a slow easing of that feeling, and I am hoping October will continue to do the same.

Running: 205 miles. I am counting the miles I hiked through the Alps as "running" miles, as I was power hiking, and I often power hike when I trail run, so I am claiming them. On top of that, I also have been biking to work a couple of times a week, and so have about 40 cycling miles in September as well. I only had one race in September, which was the Berkeley Trail Adventure with some great blogger friends, but that will probably be a separate post.

Reading: Hurray for reading! This is what I have missed the most over the past few months. In September I read 8 books, which is more than I have read in one month for...well, for a long, long time. My favorite of all of them was probably Unbroken, which is the story of Olympic runner Louis Zamperini, and his trials and tribulations during WWII (including a shipwreck and a long time at sea).

Travel: This is going to be another blog post in itself. However, to sum it all up, I spent two excellent weeks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, mostly hiking in the Alps and eating a lot of bread and cheese!

The hills ARE alive....

In addition: I had a great weekend relaxing and getting some errands done, which was much needed, I went to the eye doctor and the dentist (finally!), met up with a friend for a walk and a catch up session and even went to an Oakland A's game. Then the last weekend of the month was a fun filled weekend with Lisa, Amber, Lauren and Leigh, who came to San Francisco for some girl time, sightseeing and running. I couldn't have had a better ending to my month.

I am hoping October gives me a chance to catch up with some other friends and family who I haven't seen very often, as well as getting a chance to kind of settle back into life again. However, I am known for filling up weekends even while saying that I need a break, so we shall see! You have to make hay while the sun shines, right?

How was your September? Have you ever seen the Sound of Music? What do you do to recharge?


  1. Nice to see you getting back to the fun stuff! I have to admit, my September was not all I hoped it would be - I was sick half the month and work has been drowning me!

  2. Sound of Music...hands down favorite movie!!! I even have my oldest singing the songs!!! You rocked September!! I am always amazed at the amount of miles you cover in a month! Can't wait hear about your trip!

  3. Look at you go getting back into blogging! Your trip sounded so amazing and those pictures are gorgeous. Was great meeting you once again and thanks for your awesome tour guide skills :)

  4. Ah, the pics from your trip are amazing! I can't wait to see/read more! And 8 books for the month is really impressive.

  5. Sounds like an amazing trip and a great month!

    Sorry about them A's. Maybe next year! (Angels fan here. Not really THAT sorry...)

  6. Wow that's a beautiful trip to the alps! how fun.

  7. Wow those pictures are absolutely amazing!! You are now making me want to plan a trip to the Alps! It was so great to see you last weekend. Thanks for being an awesome tour guide :)

  8. Wow, those pictures are amazing. I can't wait to read the posts about your trip!

    It was so great to see you last weekend. You were an excellent host. Phil asked what my favorite meal was and I said hands down the tacos, which was also the cheapest meal! I should have had more before going to the airport on Monday.

    My September was good but it was a blur. I can't really even think about what all I did, but I know I ran over 100 miles and biked about 80 I think? And I Read 5 books. I have seen The Sound of Music - love that movie. And to recharge, I go for walks or bike rides, read, and cook.

  9. Can't WAIT to read about your ALPINE adventure. I skiied in Austria many years ago and loved it there...and really liked Innsbruck so much. CLEAN!


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