Looking Back: May

May, my favorite month, came and left like a whirlwind. It started and ended with a run in the Marin Headlands just the way I like a month to start and end! I have to admit, I was a little worried, as April was not a prime running month for me. April consisted of 45 miles, including the 26.2 of the Boston Marathon. Needless to say, I was NOT ready for the race schedule I had lined up for May. Also, with the new job and the studying, my schedule in general was a bit off. May was a little weird  really.

Study:  Approximately 60 - 80 hours of May were spent studying. I have to be honest; I was never a big fan of studying. In High School, I never really had to study and in college I definitely did not study enough. This time though, I am trying to make up for it. However, it is not easy. But my job is on the line, so I am trying to buckle down.

Reading: Ha! Can we say....zilch, zip, nil, nul, zero? I read about a quarter of the book Quiet (which is good so far), I read half of an America's Test Kitchen magazine and I read a few news articles on Flipboard. Other than that, it's been all business.

Running: 181 miles, including one 100k race (62 miles) and one 50 mile race, bringing non race miles to a grand total of  69. A lot better than April, that's for sure! However, most of them have not been quality miles. However, the majority of them have been with friends, which is not a normal occurrence for me, so that is a nice change!

Final stretch of Miwok 100k: Stinson Beach at Sunset

Travel: Add two race weekends to a holiday weekend and May is just about done! But wait, the fourth and final weekend of May was my cousin's graduation party/Mother's Day/my birthday, which was spent in Sacramento with family and friends, and my mother! Memorial Day weekend was spent at Off The Grid with my friend and her family, including new baby, eating fun food truck foods like chicken and waffle bites, falafel, and creme brulee. The next day I spent at the beach near Bodega Bay with broski and the in-laws, running with the dogs, eating clam chowder and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Birthday dinner with the girls

Doran beach run with broski's dog.

Other that that, I rode about 20 miles on the ol' bike, went to a Giants game, weeded and planted a garden, and even took the dog for a walk (everyone needs fresh air sometimes)!

What did you do for Memorial Day?  Has the food truck craze made it to your area? What is your favorite time of year/month?


  1. Summer is certainly my favorite time of year...thus why I can never move more than 3 miles from the beach!! Also why we were firmly planted on the beach (even though it was cold and windy) on Memorial Day! Kudos to being able to run a 100k and a 50 mile race!!! You're amazing!!

  2. ACH! missed your birthday and you remembered mine. Sorry! Big SORRY!

    I wouldn't feel like reading for pleasure if I was doing so much studying either. Glad it will all be over for you soon.

  3. Wow, 2 big races and a lot of miles in there. And a birthday? quite a month indeed.

  4. We didn't do a whole lot for Memorial Day - besides work on the new house!

    Also, I am so excited to be done with school and back in the swing of things with blogging/reading blogs!!!

  5. Sounds like you had a pretty decent May. I hope you are in for a great summer!

  6. Wow looks like a pretty full month! Holy big races Batman! Yes the food truck craze is hot and heavy here.

  7. Sheesh, girl, you don't ever really slow down, even when you consider yourself part of the walking injured. Happy belated birthday!

    Wait, are we really almost halfway through June and we're talking about Memorial Day? Plans from that long ago would entail taking out my calendar and photos on my phone to remind me what I did. ha. And if those things serve as correct reminders, we had some impromptu playtime with friends, bought Gavin a hip not so new $10 bike, did Bike the Drive (though Gavin was in a trailer, not on his bike for that one) and went to a great cookout.

  8. Nice job girl. You have designed the perfect life. Running and travel = bliss. :)

  9. That is entirely too much studying!

    And yes, food trucks, omg!

  10. Doran beach is my favorite beach!
    Hey! Belated Happy B'day dear..
    You are good researcher to write on travel.

  11. I am not envious of all of that studying. I so do not miss that phase of my life and look back and wonder how I got through it! It will be so great to have those tests behind you!

    I am impressed that you fit in as much as you did in May on top of adjusting to a new job + studying! May was a crazy month for me, too, with my move and starting a new job and being in a really long (for me) state of transition. For Memorial Day, I went to the lake and had a fabulous weekend. And the food truck craze has definitely hit Minneapolis as our downtown area has lots and lots of them! I have actually not been to any but I plan to this summer. And 2 of them have been so successful, they have opened restaurants!

  12. I can't believe you didn't read an entire book in May! Hope June has been a great month for you!

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  14. I'm so far behind on keeping up with your blog - great to see you. Glad you had a good month - good luck with studying.

    I think running lots of miles with friends is a great thing.


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