Then and Now: February

Maybe because we had an extra day this year, February was a little long for me. It went by fast but it was a weird month motivation-wise, emotion-wise and mentally in general I guess. This is strange, because I had a month filled with family, friends and good food as well as adequate exercise. However, for some reason, I am feeling a little strange this month. Hopefully March will bring a change in seasons and attitude!

Here is my February recap, the Who, the What and the Where, where I compare what I was doing one year ago to what I am up to now.


Mr Lovely, 
A Vietnamese Butcher and 
a thousand people, chickens and items on motorcycles.

K and A and A, 
The parentals and
the Broski.
(as well as many other friends and family who are not pictured).

Squid on sticks, 
Dragonfruit and
Pho for breakfast. 

Frjtz fries,
Turkish sampler,
Beet salad and
an apple crepe.

Miles Run
2011 = 0 / 2012 =111
Lucky number 111! This is good, because I would like to keep up a base of at least 100 miles a month, since I may sign up for a marathon at some point this year and I want be halfway ready at any time!
2011 = 0 / 2012 = 3
Thank goodness for virtual races! They are a fun and inexpensive way to supplement your normal racing schedule!
Bay Breeze Half Marathon (Race #2 of 12 in 2012)
Run For Sherry Virtual Race

Books Read
2011 = 3 / 2012 = 5

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - Jamie Ford: This book was about a Chinese boy growing up in Seattle during WWII. He has a Japanese friend, and when she gets sent to the concentration camps, he is devastated. Not only that, but he has to deal with his father's hatred of the Japanese.
TishaRobert Specht: This is a true story about a young teacher in the 1920s who gets sent to a small town in Alaska to teach. She learns quickly that the divide between the whites and Indians is deep, but somehow manages to not bend to the white men's prejudices. Her struggle is moving and her courage is inspiring.

You can see the other books HERE.

Vietnam and 

San Francisco, 

What I see by looking back is that I am spending way more time with family and friends this year, which is great. I have also traveled this February, but only within the State, whereas last year I traveled much further. But no matter what year it is, the food is always good!

Do you like squid? Are you loving this February more or less than last February?


  1. Looks like a great February, even if everything was just a little closer to home!

  2. I am not sure if I like squid... I think the consistency/texture of it might bother me as I imagine it being rubbery?

    I loved February last year because I had an awesome French-themed birthday party & spent a week in France. This year, I have sold my soul to the CFA and feel like I have very little free time. I am ready for February to be over because it has been stressful between studying, work stuff, and worrying about my dad. March HAS to be better, if for no other reason than being one month closer to being done with the CFA (well, for another year).

  3. I'm not a big fan of squid. I think it's a texture thing.

    I think I'm loving this February a bit more than last February. There's a bit more reason for optimism right now, but I'll let you know when we compare Marches. :)

  4. Last year you were doing a Vietnamese butcher? Sounds dangerous.

  5. Love the recap! I think this February is better than last. I like squid as in calamari, but unless it is breaded and fried, it's not for me:)

  6. Great photo recap, as usual! I'd have to say this year... last year I was counting down the days until winter was over, and here I'm still wearing short-sleeves!

  7. I love these posts...I can't wait to have blogged a year then I can look back like this...
    Family time is fun time for me..especially living so far away now, makes it that much more special. xoxo from Trinidad

  8. I think I liked last February better. 2011 didn't start to suck for me until April.

    What a great year for you, though!

  9. Wow, you are killing it with the mileage! Great job!

    What did you think about Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet? I enjoyed it but not as much as Sarah's Key.


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