Environmentally Friendly Salad Dressing

Today, instead of a beer (inspired by Kim), I encourage you to grab a bottle of salad dressing, get comfy on the couch and look what I did this week. Did you know that this Vinaigrette is now made with 20% LESS plastic? Did you know that it was made with plastic at all? Me neither. But apparently it still has the same delicious flavor.

On Tuesday, I hiked to the top of this mountain. See the flag? I put that there when I got to the top (approx 6500 ft elevation.)

Here we are, trying to get to the top. Can you see the tiny people? Where's Waldo?

I picked, ate and cooked a lot of these. In fact, I am starting a series tomorrow called An Apple a Day. Check back to see what it's all about!

Dog Rock. I like to look at the comparisons in different times of year. Kind of fun, isn't it?

I went hunting for fall foliage with my Mom. We are surrounded by Evergreens, but we do have some little pockets of yellow.

Remember the canvas I made everyone vote on? I got it in the mail and it turned out good!

I went for an 18 mile run. It was hard. It started off nice, like this. La Di Da.

And then I found myself here. I think I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. I had to backtrack to try to find a more level ground. I think it added another half mile (uphill) to my run. NOT FUN.

As I mentioned before, I did a ton of cooking. Thank you, Joy of Cooking. Can you tell this one is well used? I think that's a bit of banana bread batter there.

How was your week? Did you do anything exciting? Are you getting all "nesty" like I am now that it's getting colder and darker?


  1. just heading out for my morning walk/run/slog -- i will use your 18 miles as inspiration! hoping that when i get back i'll be 20% less winded than last time. :) love you!

  2. I've always said they need to stop using so much plastic in salad dressing! :)

    Your mountain-y pictures are beautiful, as always, and I looove that well-used cookbook!

  3. Gorgeous pics!!!

    Rather than "nesty", this weather is making me punchy. Yuck.

  4. Wow. That detour looks so dang tough! Def not fun to include in an 18 mile run! But just think how strong of a runner you are now as a result of all these hills!

    I had an exciting weekend! On Friday I went to my a dinner party with some co-workers. Then on Saturday my parents came to my place and we did a little exploring, then assembled our apple & pear crisps, and went to my aunt & uncles for Julia Child night! It was a super fun night. The food was amazing!!!

  5. Looks like a great week. An 18 mile run though? You are awesome....or insane...haha :) Oh, and cookbooks that look like yours have THE best recipes ever!


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