A Horse is A Horse, Of Course of Course

This post is brought to you by Budweiser. 
Not because it is my favorite beer, but because I went to the Brewery the other day! 

Did you know that Anheiser Busch makes hundreds of beers? Including these:
•Bass Ale
•Stella Artois

And this, which is funny, because my friend Lisa was JUST talking about Clamato and I was like, "what the heck is that?" and she told me. Once she told me, I realized my grandma basically drinks THIS DRINK below! Now it's pre-canned for her! Cheers Grandma!

I got to meet the big horse. 

My to do list, courtesy of Jimmy's Johns

I found a new running path.
I burned 912 calories.

Then I went for brunch. 

And ate 1200 calories. 
Que sera, sera.

I have been volunteering at the local library. 
Which gives me a chance to brush up on my reading. 
I didn't know they still had these!

I made a nice summer salad. 
Gotta get it while the getting's good! 

In Missouri, the corn has been picked. 
Bye bye corn!

I found a new local hangout. 
In case you can't read the sign, this is the local bar.

When looking for more tiny ponies, I found these instead! 
I heart looking for strange animals in Missouri. 
(PS I swear I saw a camel. Maybe I am hallucinating) 

To all the brave heros of 9.11, I salute you! 

How was your week? What are you doing this weekend? 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm from St. Louis, too! The "Local Bar" looks like my kind of place :)

    april@Party of Five

  2. Looks like a fabulous weekend! I had a great time at Nora's. Lots of magazine reading and coloring with her fiance's daughter and relaxing together! A perfect weekend! And the drives actually went rather fast as I got a book on cd for the first time (Still Missing was the book, which was really creepy/disturbing, but captured my attention).

  3. Is that the actualy road you got to run on while burning those 900+ calories? If so, I'm jealous - it's beautiful!

  4. So much going on, which is great! Love that some people need reminders to wear pants. haha. Great weekend, glad it was good to you!

  5. I took a tour of a brewery in France a few years back. I don't drink, but I still found it fascinating.

    And I used to love the Berenstein Bears!

  6. This was a fascinating post. I had heard Anheiser Busch was sold to a Belgian corporation.
    Do you think Bass Ale and Beck's is brewed here in the USA?
    These are two iconic brands in their respective homelands (UK & Germany). I am curious.


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