My Email Inbox

I get a lot of things in my email inbox that I usually just throw away. This week I thought I would share some of my junk with you. 

I signed up for Skype when I was in Brazil. On Monday I got this in my inbox. 
Even though it just says, "Do more with your Skype credit" or something like that, somehow it's better in Portuguese. 

I also got this from dailymile. Yay!

Which is much better than the last one I showed you. Remember this? Boo.

I got a FREE eCookbook. You can too if you click the photo below!

I had to return something at Amazon. 
Did you know they make you pay your own postage? WTH! 

I got this from Running Ahead. 
Can you read it? No? It says, "Do you really run this fast?" (my speed says 360 MPH) Why, yes, of course I do!

I got this. Isn't this too bad? This makes me sad. You just can't fondle an eReader like you can a real book. You just can't browse Amazon like you can in a real store!

I got this from my buddy Delta. Tempting. I almost want to buy a ticket somewhere! 
Paris anyone? I hear it's beautiful in the fall!

Well, that's it from this week. 
What's in your inbox?

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  1. ha-what fun! love the - do you really run this fast?"

    my mail box is not as interesting!


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