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I have had a few requests for travel tips. So I made a page. You can check it out HERE. It's a work in progress, so bear with me and please let me know if there are things you know about and I don't or things I should change, delete or add. I like hints from other travelers. This is what we are all here for.

But, if you don't feel like reading the whole travel page, I am going to give you the short version today.

- I use ORBITZ for most of my travel needs. I don't always use them to book, but I always use them to compare prices. You can get flight, hotel or car through them and sometimes  you get a deal if you book them all together.

- Don't be fooled. I stay in a lot of hostels, which are the cheapest option besides camping. You can find a good hostel in any country (even the US!) for anywhere from 5 dollars to...(in NZ, OZ and the US) 30 dollars a person (due to this, if you are in the US, I recommend Motel 6). You can find worldwide hostels at Hostelz.com or Hostelbookers.com.

- If you are going to book a car in the US, use Priceline! First, go to Orbitz. Find out how much they are charging per day for the cheapest car. Then go to Priceline and bid HALF that! Most of the time, somebody will accept it!

- For international flights, I use Kayak. It's basically similar to Orbitz, but on Orbitz, one of your cities has to be in the US. For Kayak, it can be anywhere. You can also book your car and hotel through them.

- I recommend getting a Frequent Flier number, even if you "think" you will only fly that company once. There are partners, so all you really need is the "Big Three" --- United, Delta, American. They are partners with many international airlines, so you can almost always get credit. Plus, you MAY get a FREE flight out of it. Why not do it? What do you have to lose? (the same goes for hotels and cars. You can see my travel tips page for website links)

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Now let's go somewhere! Where do you want to go?

This is an A-Z blogfest post. J is for Jets! You can see the rest HERE.


  1. Good list! I use Kayak quite a bit because they seem to be the most flexible system in terms of picking your take off times for arrival/departure.

    let's see... where do I want to go... I'd love to travel to Macchu Pichu and do the 4 day trek to the ruins. I'd love to return to Paris. I'd love to rent an apt on the Amalfi coast of Italy. I'd love to see the Algarve coast of Portugal.

    Needless to say, there are lots of places I still want to see! The list is sort of endless!

  2. Great info. I always wondered how you got from place to place. Now I will start wondering about other stuff.


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