Randoms and Questions: A Vietnam List

(1) Getting to Vietnam was an interesting experience. The guy told us that the bus would take about 9 hours. It turned out to be about 14 hours and two bus changes. The last change put us in a minivan with about 15 other people. In the middle of the ride, the van stopped and loaded a motorbike into the back of the van. I was feeling very faint the rest of the ride and I kept thinking, "what if I get gas poisoning?" I mean, can you die from inhaling too many gasoline fumes? I don't know but I was soooo sleepy and I kept thinking, "Can't. Fall. Asleep". Arriving in Saigon was the happiest moment of my day.

(2) I am trying to make my site mobile but am having trouble. I heard that www.mobify.me was good. I tried it and I pasted the code into my html but it still isn't working. Any hints? Anyone?

(3) I finished the book I was reading: Around Africa on my Bicycle. All 705 pages of it. A review will be forthcoming. You can find my list of completed books for this year as well as a list of previously reviewed books on my bookshelf page. Also our BBC (Blogger Book Club) picked this month's read (well really it is March). We decided on Sense and Sensibility. You can find out more about that on the bookshelf page as well.

(4) Looking for new blogs? Check out For The Love of Blogs. They have sections where you can browse different genres of blogs, they feature a new blog about once a week (sometimes more) and they have wonderful blog hops where you can enter and/or check out other bloggers using the link up.

(5) In Vietnam the portions are pretty small compared to what we get at home. This is fine for me, but Mr. Lovely needs a "real meal". Today we went to lunch and when he got his "steak and fries" (I told him not to try to order "European food") he almost cried, it was so small. So after finishing eating, we went for a second lunch! It was actually pretty fun. It was "cafe day". We had lunch, second lunch and then...why not...stopped for coffee at a third cafe. 

(6) Why is it that when I am on the 12 hour bus ride I have about a million ideas for things to write about but when it comes down to it I never remember, or it doesn't come out how I wanted? WHY!?

(7) That's it. Have a great week everyone! Happy Presidents Day!

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