The Bunny Hop

We have all done our share of Turkey Trots, but have you done any Bunny Hops lately?

For Easter weekend I went to the Broski residence for some Sonoma county shenanigans. You may think this means wine tasting, but Sonoma County has tons of things to do! On Saturday, we went out to Bodega Bay (have you seen the movie The Birds?) and walked the cliffs, searching for whales.

The Birds
Watch for birds

We did not see any, but it is Grey Whale season! Afterward we went and got a nice bowl of clam chowder and a crab sandwich. It was yummy, but talk about cream/butter/mayo overload! However, it didn't stop us from stopping at the Wildflour bakery and getting a bacon maple blueberry cornmeal scone! Yup, that's one scone with all those things in it!

Doran Beach
Doran Beach

On Easter morning, Broski and I got up nice and early to rain, which was a bad thing since our plan was to run to the in-laws house for lunch. They live about 9 miles away, but Broski did some cool stuff with his Garmin and mapped out a course to their house, including a loop through Annadel park, rounding off the run at about 17 miles total.

Annadel run

 I had forgotten my shorts, of all things to forget, but luckily the lady friend had a pair from a certain decade that she let me borrow. I will let you guess what decade they are from. 

Before & After Easter run
Zoom in. Guess the decade.

As soon as the rain slowed, we headed out. About two miles in, it began to pour on us. Luckily it only lasted a few miles and it stopped just as we reached the park for our loop through. The park was muddy and hilly, but it was beautiful and full of mossy trees, deer and turkeys. It was a great way for both of us to discover a new trail. We ended up at the in-laws house just in time for a quick dip in their (not heated!) pool, which was better than an ice bath, and then it was lunch time!

After lunch, we had an adult Easter hunt, aka a scavenger hunt, which was tons of fun. They have a lot of property with sheep and goats and chickens and peacocks (oh my!) and we had a blast running around scaring the animals while we searched for our next clue. And then I ate about 38 more deviled eggs.

As always, I got sent home with enough leftovers for two lunches (literally!), and a couple dozen farm fresh eggs, which is a real treat! We used to have chickens when I was a kid and I didn't realize how good I had it. Now I get them very rarely.

Did you have an Easter hunt, egg or otherwise? What era do you think those shorts are from? Have you ever had farm fresh eggs?


  1. now that is some quality decade. Sounds like a great run!

  2. Oh my... you have turned Broski into a crazy running fiend! HA. I cannot imagine this ever crossing my mind... to RUN to someone's house to get some miles in. LOL. Crazy runners. ;)

  3. My guess is the 70s? Those are some sweet shorts! That is awesome that you guys got a nice long run in together. Broski is really getting into running. Sounds like he knows more about how to use a garmin than I do!

    My niece and nephew that stayed at my parents lake home had an easter hunt on Sunday morning which was fun to watch. One is only about 20 months so they had to hide her eggs in really obvious places.

  4. I'm loving that beach picture! And those are some excellent shorts. I'm feeling 80s, but I couldn't zoom in as I don't have a yahoo account.

  5. Damn, those are awesome shorts! :-)

    I would love to try that scone, sounds amazing.

    So fun that you get to run so often with your brother. I love that he's loving it.

  6. Haha, I love your shorts! Reading about your 17 miler makes me itching to get a long run in again... I've only gone up to 10-12 for the last month or two since the marathon, other than one half. But I'm enjoying the shorter, faster thing for a bit, too.

  7. Deviled eggs are my favorite food so thankfully we have them for every holiday!

  8. Your run sounds like my walk to daycare this morning. I spent all this time getting ready and actually getting out of the house and then a block away it started pouring. My husband makes fun of me for never packing rain gear (and I could hear him laughing as I was standing there in the torrential downpour). Thankfully, Gavin was dry, thanks to a blanket and sun shade on his stroller ... me, not so much. ha!

  9. I grew up on a farm - we had chickens and cows. We milked the cow for our milk, got our eggs from the chickens and our meat from the cows(grass/hay fed) and chickens. People pay a lot of money now-a-days to eat like that...my family did it because we were poor. I only buy free range eggs - they just taste so much better, but they are spendy.


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