Run The Day

I have mentioned this before, but right now, I am having a hard time getting motivated to run. I think it is a combination of things getting me down. I once took a class in Sociology where the professor talked about "Life Changes" and how ONE life change could affect your stress levels/motivation/happiness. If, she said, you have more than one, it can be really hard. Even when the changes are positive, for example moving to a bigger house, getting married or having kids, they can affect you greatly. If they are negative, it can be even worse.

I am not going to get into it into too much detail, but I am in the midst of several life changes right now. Instead of running the day, as Jim Rohn says in the quote above, I am letting the day (or the changes in this case) run me. And the day is really running all over me. Instead of going out for a run in order to make myself feel better, I am putting it off, making excuses and feeling sorry for myself.

The additional dilemma is that right now I have some free time. In a couple of weeks, I will be busy doing things with family and dealing with my life changes. I will not have as much time to run. So I really need to be doing MORE running right now, not less. However, it is hard to get out of this funk and to think positive and to make the most of the time that I have, even when I know that if I don't, I am going to kick myself in a couple of weeks when my Ultra is looming up ahead and I am "not ready"!

I need to snap out of it. Usually running is what makes me feel better; right now not doing it it is making me feel guilty, lazy and worse about things, but I don't really want to do it even so. Just for sanity's sake, I am going to list a mini running version of "Looking Forward" to try and remind myself why I run.

In the next day, I am looking forward to running along the ocean, listening the waves crash on the cliffs and smelling the salty sea mist as I watch the surfers in the distance. 

In the next week, I am looking forward to the Bad Bass Half Marathon, and race #7 of the 12 in 2012 Running Challenge.

In the next month, I am looking forward to my first Ultra race! (days left: 23)

In the next year, I am looking forward to attempting to BQ, either in Santa Rosa or somewhere else. I am also looking forward to the Santa Rosa marathon being over, so I can start doing more trail running without a specific plan in mind. (days left: 37)

Are you motivated to run/work out this summer? How do you fit it in when you have a lot of other things going on? How do you handle life changes?

Edited to add: After I wrote this, and I procrastinated for a few hours, I went out for a nice and easy 11 mile run on the cliffs. It was a sunny day, the surfers were out (just like I said) and I returned from my run in SUCH a better mood. Folks, running really is like crack. I just need my fix and it makes everything better. :)


  1. run number 7 coming up-well done!

  2. I agree it does make a lot of things better but when life is crazy, I get the exact same way. I start feeling bad about myself for procrastinating and usually feel better once I go, but some days, I just need to relax and not worry about, there are more important things than running or an upcoming race. It'll all work it!

  3. I am glad you had a good run - hopefully things have turned around now and you will be out of your funk soon! I have been motivated to workout this summer, mostly because I have a goal I'm working towards, and I have gained about 15-20 hours of my week back so I really have no excuse to not fit workouts in.

    I had a hard timing fitting running in Jan-May when I was studying for the CFA. My schedule SUCKED. I really had very very little time, so I was constantly rushing from work to running to studying and then I'd collapse into bed and start all over again. But the running kept me sane.

  4. Running makes everything better! Even if I have a crappy run after a bad day, at least I've exercised and accomplished one good thing. I hope things calm down for you and that you get your groove back!

  5. Isn't it ironic that when stressful occasions arise, exercising is a sure way to reduce the effects. And yet, stress often wins, putting exercise on the back burner. No fun, indeed. Hope you're able to reverse course and find your enjoyment in running again!

  6. Running does make everything better - or at least it helps you get perspective on all that is going on. Good luck with the changes. I agree with your professor - multiple life changes at once is overwhelming.

  7. Great job getting your run in:) It always makes life better! Way to run your day. It's pouring here and I am debating to run in it or not. Might me kind of fun, but hard to get out the door:)

  8. You are so not alone! I'm struggling here right now too. But there are some awesome running things coming up for you! It's so true that life changes can weigh us down, even the positive ones. Hope you find your motivation again soon!

  9. Haha! Running is like crack, you need your fix and it's all good. Love it!

    My problem is I want to run but my knee is being cranky. Gah! It's so hard to hold back but I know it's for the best if I want to do my marathon.

    Good luck in getting your fix! ;)

  10. I wrote almost the exact same thing on my blog this morning. ;)

  11. It's funny how hard it can be to get and stay motivated when we know we will soon be limited in time or resources. But reminding yourself of what you're looking forward to is a great idea!


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