Quicky Koala

Koalas aren't quick, so I am not sure why that one koala was named Quicky. However, it is lucky that they aren't because this gave me the chance to see a few. Here are photos to prove it. 

And of course a few more animals we found while searching for the koala. 

The Dingo That Ate Your Baby


Hugest Dragon Lizard I've Ever Seen

And of Course, the Kangaroo! Boing!
If you haven't guessed, we are in Australia! More on that later! 

Q is for Quicky! See more A-Z challenge here!


  1. Oh my gosh, have so much fun! I studied abroad in Australia and loved that country. Looks like you are in Melbourne. I hope you get a chance to drive the Great Ocean Road!!

  2. How fun! Australian animals are so exotic looking (Madagascar too) compared to what we are used to seeing--I think I like the dingo (and your caption) the best :)


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