Two Times Happier

Happy New Year everyone!

Here in Hong Kong it is 16 hours ahead of California, so I figured it out: I could actually celebrate New Years here and then hop right on a plane and go home and celebrate it there. It is a 14 hour flight so it would be cutting it close, but I could make it! However, I think instead I will watch the fireworks and maybe the ball drop in Times Square. That's Times Square, Hong Kong. Yes they have one too! So when it's 8 am, or 9 am or whatever time it is where you are from, think of me, bringing in the New Year.

A couple of interesting things about Hong Kong:

- when I see a Louis Vitton handbag or a North Face jacket, I assume it is fake. They do sell the real stuff, but why would you buy a 3000 dollar LV handbag when you can get the knock off for 300?

- they have an EXCELLENT transportation system here. You can even check your bags IN THE CITY and then take a fast train to the airport, turning a one hour taxi ride into a 20 minute train ride. The train opens up and you walk RIGHT INTO the correct terminal.

- they have mobile phone chargers in the train stations. With all the cords, not just an outlet. So even if you don't have your cord, its NO PROBLEM. They have it covered.

- You can almost walk around the entire city above ground. You know how Minneapolis has the skyways so you don't have to be cold when you are walking? They have the same thing here, but just to get you over the multi lanes of traffic. I still haven't figured it out though and sometimes I walk into a building hoping they have the overpass but instead just get looked at/followed by the security guy.

That's it so far! Happy New Year to all!


  1. I love that you referenced my city (Minneapolis). I read it and glossed over it and then i was like - oh wait, that means she's been here! Kind of cool.

    Happy New Year!

  2. happy new year, kyria -- hope kevin made it out of snowy usa and you'll be able to smooch the new year in. have a wonderful trip, and you know we'll be following along. xoxoxoxo

  3. Best wishes for 2011!!! I'm looking forward to your pictures & stories! Love to you and Kevin!


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