December Book Club Read

The Sun Also RisesI am almost done. I should finish tonight. However, I am not quite sure that I like the way he writes. I feel like I should becuase he is "one of the greatest writers of all time". However, although I like what he writes about, I dont like the WAY he writes. Pamplona just isn't as exciting to me when Hemingway is the one telling me about it. We will see if I change my mind in the next 20 pages.

You can find out what else I have read and suggest books for me on goodreads.

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  1. I don't like Ernest Hemingway, either. Or Shakespeare. Or James Fenimore Cooper. Or John Updike. Or....well, as a librarian, it might not be cool to say who else I don't like to read.

    Love the new blog format!


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