Homeward Bound

Tonight I get on a plane and go...home...yay! I am very excited to see the family and some long lost friends, get some work done and eat some real Mexican food! First stop will be Sacramento, which is just a jumping off point and a convenient place to buy groceries and to stock up on...well, anything really. Then a bit of a drive home to see my mom...yay! Dinner plans for Saturday night include Sara, Grant and Jay, games and pork loin, cooked by Mr. Lovely.

After putting Mr. Lovely to work, Mom and I will lay around and read and eat bon-bons... hehe... No, I want to show him around the local area etc... Then we will go to San Francisco, which I am very excited about as well, as I have not been there in...seems like years! When I was home last time I did not get a chance to go to the city -- I want to eat and eat and eat!!

Anyway, cant wait to see everyone!! California here I come!

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