It's Wabbit Season...

Shhhh...Be vewy, vewy qwiet...We're hunting wabbit... That is what I felt like when I went up to Lower Bucks Lake and Three Lakes this weekend. It must be fall, because there were hunters everywhere.

The photo to the left is taken in the Feather River Canyon. I went home last weekend for a nice relaxing weekend and of course Dad had a barrage of things planned for us. On Friday, we went for a drive to the small town of Greenville (by neighboring, I mean 40 miles away. This is how it is) to visit with friends and scope out the changing foliage. Then on Saturday we went up to Three Lakes and did some hiking and some more foliage spotting (see photo on right - taken by Aunt S).

Being there and seeing the changing colors of the leaves and smelling that smell in the air reminded me -- even though right now in Louisiana it is in the 80s, in the rest of the world, it is fall after all.

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