Day 26: Falling Behind

Ug, I feel like a big lump on a log.... This week, due to Christmas (I know - excuses, excuses), has not been a very productive one. Actually I think I am going backwards. Last week I was supposed to run 15 miles, but I only ran 10. I skipped the long Sunday run, which was 5 miles, and instead opted to gorge myself with cookies and pie.

WEEK FOUR MIDWEEK SPECIAL: 4 days down. 3 to go.

Days so far this week: 4
Miles I have to run this week:18
Miles run so far: 0

So I guess that is 6 miles a day for the next three days! Whew! Does skiing count? I went skiing Wednesday. I think that was about 4 miles total. I got a new pedometer for Christmas which tells me how far and how fast I am going so tonight should be an interesting one at the gym. I will finally get to see if the track at the gym is really as big as they say it is (supposedly 11 laps is a mile, but it seems to last for hours!)

Damn those cookies!

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