Looking Back: September

For the past two Septembers, I have taken advantage of the fact that I get Labor day off, that the weather is still nice, and that the flights are a bit cheaper, and I have gone on my annual vacation. This year was no different In my line of work, I am actually required by law to take 10 business days off in a row. Fortunately, this has never been too much of a problem!

Since I was on vacation, I am going to switch this up and put the travel category first....

Travel: This year, my travels took me back to Europe, as I could not pass on the cheap Euro and the great deals on flights. I had my eye on heading back to Nepal to finally finish my Himalaya trek, but when I saw a great deal on United to Frankfurt, I knew that Nepal could wait another year. I flew to Germany, then did some hiking in the Stubai region of the Tyrolean Alps (Austria), the Dolomites (Italy) and the Bavarian Alps (Germany). In addition to lots and lots of hiking, I drank way too much wine and ate way too much good (read: carb loaded) foods!

Running: I ran about 180 miles, about 100 of which were mostly hiking in the Alps. Other than that, I did a couple of runs in Frankfurt and around the fields of the Bavarian Alps as well as some short runs while I was home.

Reading: In September, I read 5 books. Surprisingly, it was not more, as I traveled a lot. However, I also watched 5 movies on the plane ride home, so I didn't get a lot of reading done then. In addition, I ended up reading magazines, news and other items, so did not get as much book reading in as I normally would. The best book was Winter of the World, which is the Ken Follet Century trilogy. The first book was about WWI, this one was about WWII and there is a third, which I believe is about Vietnam, the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis. None of these books were mine; nor were they part of the BR Read Harder Challenge.

Lab Girl (3 stars)
The Kings Curse (4 stars)
A God in Ruins (3 stars)
Winter of the World (5 stars)
Everyone Brave is Forgiven (3 stars)

All in all, September was a great month. Now I just need to start planning my next vacation!

What was the highlight of your month of September? Where did you go for vacation this year?


  1. The photos from your vacation are beautiful! I am glad you were able to get away. I didn't realize you were also required to take 10 days off in a row! That is nice as then you don't feel guilty about taking a longer vacation! At Wells Fargo, our traders were required to do the same, except only 6 business days; our sales people didn't have that requirement. Now at my current company, none of the PMs are required to do that, which is surprising to me!

    I didn't go anywhere in September besides a trip to Chicago for work. But in October we went to Bend which was a fun getaway. Besides that we went to Mexico and San Francisco to visit you! But my big trip is coming up as I'm going to southern Spain for 8 days in late Nov/early Dec with a good friend. I'm really excited for that trip!! I wish Phil could come with but he's out of vacation time and as you know from our visit, he doesn't like to travel as much as I do. Maybe one of these years I can tag along with you on your September trip as I think I'll always need to take some trips without Phil so I can get my fill of travel for the year!

  2. Looks like a beautiful trip! I got away to the beach for a couple of days, but that was about it.

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