Time is on Your Side

I had a nice chat with my Dad on the phone yesterday (while running), which has been a long time coming. It's amazing how you can keep thinking that you will call someone "tomorrow" or do something "in a few minutes" and all of a sudden hours, days or weeks slip by. I always thought that people who stated that they were, "SO busy" were just bad at time management. I haven't changed my mind about that completely; I have only just gotten worse at managing my own time.

While studying, I made a list in my head of all the things I have been wanting to do or needing to do in the last few months but have put off in order to study. I have mentioned before, but I was never any good at studying. However, this time, it's my job (and my pride!) on the line, so I am buckling down and trying to get it done. In 10 days, I will have literally HOURS of my life back. I am really, really looking forward to that day.

So I thought I would quickly share my list with you and then get back to studying again (and do another load of laundry, and get my lunch ready for tomorrow, and go set the rat trap in the garage, etc).

- Costco trip
- Pickling veggies (almost out of pickles)
- Trip to REI (need a new headlamp)
- Baking/cooking for fun (not just one pot meals for necessity)
- Get a massage (1 hour of bliss)
- Plan a vacation (well deserved!!)
- Catch up/visit with friends/family (on the phone and in person)
- Go camping (summer is nearly over!)
- Start taking more photos
- Organize my room / files (bought containers; now I just need to use them)
- Go browsing at Barnes and Noble (for hours...)
- Buy a few new tops for work

When you get busy, what takes a back burner? Is there anything you are looking forward to doing soon?


  1. I am so glad that this final test will be behind you soon so that you can get some hours back in your day! When I get busy, meals take the back burner and I subsist on things like baked potatoes, soups, and chili's that are easy to throw together. I also clean my house less and things tend to sort of pile up.

    I am looking forward to the quiet weekend ahead after a string of busy weekends. July was fun but I kind of packed too much into each week. I am hoping to spend a couple of hours reading next weekend as I have not made much time for reading lately!

  2. When I get really busy cleaning takes a major back burner. Which sucks because I hate a messy house!! Sleep also tends to take a back burner, which is bad. one thing I NEVER let take a back burner is working out, even if I have to cut back on it a bit I try to keep it up because I know it makes me feel 100x better!


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