Looking Back: June

June started with my Dad's birthday and ended with Western States, and the in between was like a suitcase that you pack so full that you have to sit on it to make it all fit. I wish that I was current with this space, because there have been so many things that I want to report on (and remember). However, it's just not meant to be right now, so the stories will have to wait. Unfortunately, if we don't get things right down on paper, we tend to forget the small details, which are often the ones that make the event/day/story special.

North Matthieu Lake, OR

Study: (50 - 60 hours) Once again, studying ruled the roost this month, which is not surprising, as my exam is scheduled for July 7th. I am not that great at studying, however, after talking to some of the other new people in the office who are also studying, I feel pretty good about my progress. I got through all of the material and then took an overall practice test, which allowed me to go back and focus on some of the areas where I need more work. Since then, I have taken a few more practice finals and have been passing them. So...fingers crossed that I do as well on the exam as I have been doing on the practice exams. Having said that, I will be SO GLAD to not have to get up early every day to study and to come home every night and study.

Reading: (2 books) I actually read this month! Once I started to take more practice exams, I found that I really needed a break from the computer, so I would fit in a half an hour of reading here and there. Also, I did take one flight and had a few days of rest, so I crammed in a bit of reading here and there. I read The Sense of an Ending, which was only so-so, and A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) which was actually quite entertaining. Actually, it was just what I needed for study break material, which was something not too deep or meaningful.

Tahoe Rim Trail, NV

Running: (206 miles) Okay, so this month was not ALL about study. What can I say; running is my release. I am also training for the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 mile run, which is on July 19th. The race is done at an elevation of 6500 - 9000 ft, so I went up to the area one weekend and did two long runs in order to get some kind of preparation for the altitude. Also, I spent some time in Oregon and I love running and exploring the trails up in the Cascades. However, since they are also pretty high up (6000 ft), I ran into snow a few times and could not get past it. Finally, I went up to Auburn and watched a bunch of my friends run the Western States Endurance Run (more on this later) and of course ran around a bit that weekend as well.

Rob Krar, #1 overall at WSER

Travel: Although I have not gone out of the country, this year has been a great one for local travels. In June, I went to South Lake Tahoe, Auburn and central Oregon. Each trip was a great time with friends and I got in a lot of hiking, walking, running and outdoors activities, which to me is the perfect vacation! The trip to Oregon was especially fun because it was with my good friend and her two girls, one of them who is 4, the other is 2 months old. It was great to spend time with them all and it always amazes me how fast they are growing!

Metoulious River, OR

Other than that, I have been tending the garden, running a bit with the dog (Emi -- her mileage is probably about 12 for the month of June) and working!

How was your June? What outdoor activities have you been doing? When was the last time you had to study for something?

**Also, last but not least, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my mom and her twin sister!**


  1. Dang, you packed a lot into June! Nice work on logging all those miles on top of working + studying! It will be so good to have that test behind you and thank goodness you get your results immediately!

    June was a good month but felt busy for me. I tried to see as many friends as possible, had a work trip, co-hosted a party at Phil's, and did more running that I have in a long time! I have tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible, running, biking, or reading on my patio. The last time I had to study for something was the CFA. I HATED that phase of my life so am so glad it is over.

  2. I'm impressed that you combined studying with 206 miles of running - that's a packed month!

  3. So just a few more days until your test and then you can STOP STUDYING - yay!

  4. Good luck on your test! And the race. I keep meaning to get the Game of Thrones on my to read list, maybe when I'm done with the Outlander series.

  5. wow you really did stuff it all in there! Good luck on the exam. Monday's going to be here before you know what happened.

  6. Your June sounded wonderful! It's hard to return to being a student but it sounds like you have it together and you keep up with running miles and miles! Good luck with your exam and have a great summer.

  7. Good luck with your exam. You will be so relieved to have it done. I am sure you will pass with flying colors.

  8. Wow you have had a crazy month! I'm impressed you fit in all that running on top of all the studying you did. June was a semi busy month for me but nothing too crazy. Actually looking back June was a really great month with a good mix of busy-ness and summer relaxing, so I hope July and August are the exact same way!

    Good luck on your test!

  9. Hope your exam goes well today! And another 50 miler coming up?! You are amazing!

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