Currently: September

Current Book - Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler: this is the second book I have read by her and although I don't love her TV personality, her books are pretty funny. They are a bit crude, but are a good way to pass the time, especially since I usually read on the bus ride home, so her short antidotes are a perfect length.

Current Running Path - 

Home sweet home

Current Drink - Supplication

Current Excitement - I signed up for Boston!

Current Favorite Blog/Website - Garmin Connect

Current Garden Item - Tomatoes: We made tomato sauce, tomato salsa, and have been eating a ton of salads!

Current Love - Getting up before work to run. Okay the getting up part is not so great, but the being up when the rest of the world is still is priceless.

Current Food - Potato and Beet Salad. I have been on a kick where I throw some veggies together with a bit of vinegar and a scoop of greek yogurt and call it a salad. I love it!

Current Indulgence - Happy Hour

Currently Pondering - What is up with Miley Cyrus? I am sure you have all seen this video. Next thing we know she is going to shave (the rest of) her head and start weilding a bat in the middle of Los Angeles. Is this just a phase? 

Current Mood - Tired

Current New Find - Butter infused garlic noodles. What can I say? Butter? and Garlic? Tell me more! 

Current Peeve - I think I am getting a cold. I am fighting it off with water and vitamins and...pickles, and I am hoping it doesn't get any worse! This is not the time for that! 
Current Song - 


Current Triumph - August was my second highest mileage month ever with 206 miles, and September is looking to possibly surpass it! 
Current TV Show -  Master Chef is over and I am so glad that ___ didn't win! Since then, there's been nothing else. I am looking forward to Top Chef starting again.

Current Wish-List - More hours in a day 

Currently Delaying - Some organization of my finances that will take me a while, so I am not looking forward to getting started. 

What is your current favorite blog? What are you currently loving? What do you think about that Miley Cyrus video?


  1. Ugh, I hope you don't get a cold. That is not what you need right now. Holy cannasta regarding your mileage. That is super impressive! Way to go, Kyria!

    I am still reading my long-time faves these days and haven't added anything new in. I am currently loving the cooler fall temps that we have in the morning, all the trips I have planned, and PSLs (although I don't let myself have them often since I am not burning enough calories to justify that treat these days). I have not seen the Miley video and sort of refuse to watch it. She just strikes me as an attention seeker and I have very little tolerance for people like that.

    I no longer have DVR as it's so expensive here. I am majorly bummed as that means I missed Top Chef Masters. It just comes on too late for me to watch it live and I have not found it available online anymore. :(

  2. Yay for Boston! I'd hate to Miley's parents about now. I am embarrassed for all of them.

  3. Sweater Weather is sort of perfect, given the official start to Fall is this weekend!

    I just got over a 24 hour cold - it's so weird that it disappeared as quickly as it came on. Hope yours disappears before it even appears!

    Also, I'm totally impressed that your highest mileage running months are those months when you're not training for anything. Interesting, eh? I think running Boston next year will be really good for you after having experienced the trauma of running it this past April. Very excited for you.

    I think you just need to take a look at Britney Spears to see what Miley is doing. She's going to go off the deep end; her family will pull her into quiet isolation to get her help and to let the media frenzy die down; and she'll slowly put her career back together. I just heard Britney signed on for a 2-year regular stint in Vegas ... not bad, eh?

  4. Congrats on Bostom! What's going on with Miley is disturbing. Kind of reminds me of Britney Spears:/

  5. Awesome!!! Boston! You lucky lady! X

  6. Hurray for your Boston signup. Very exciting. Haven't seen the MC video... avoiding it on purpose!

  7. WOO BOSTON! That is SO exciting, Kyria!

    I was VERY happy for the winner of MasterChef. I think it's because he gave people butter when they asked for it. ;) He's a good winner.

    I haven't seen the Miley video. I'm not a fan of hers at all and there's no way I want to watch... that. Strange.

    Right now I'm loving football being back in my life, cooler mornings, and the fact that I'm upgrading my phone tomorrow. Long time coming!

  8. I love Chelsea's books. Hilarious!

  9. I've been running earlier than usual too, and once I can get out the door, I LOVE having it done so early!

  10. Current favorite blog: dog lick baby world. She's a runner, and does ultras, and has kids and is just so very real.

    Miley: Climbing her way to the cover page of every magazine through the currency of her still-young-body and looks. See also: I feel old.

    Ps. hi! I'm the worst commenter in the world these days but wanted to say hi.

  11. I've also skipped out on the Miley videos and much to do with her. That Supplication ale sounds amazing! I wish it was here to try. Some of the Sierra Nevada ales are becoming quite popular here now and I always think of you as I enjoy them (mainly Pale Ale, sometimes a Torpedo) as they're from near where you're from, right?


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