Currently: April

Current Book - The Boleyn Inheritance by Phillipa Gregory **so far, so good. There is just something about the horrid nature of Henry VIII and all the backstabbing and lying associated with his reign that is just fascinating.

Current Running Path - 

palos verdes
Joaquin Miller Park

Current Drink - Iced coffee. The perfect after-run drink. Or anytime drink, really. 

Current Excitement - May. It's going to be full of fun things! Races, birthdays, Mother's day and vacations! Every weekend is already booked! 

Current fashion trend - What's up with the floral stuff? That was cool when I was a kid but it's not the most attractive pattern. I can't believe it's back in style. 

Current Favorite Blog/Website - This article in Runners World. See the photo down at the bottom of the article? That's the group I ran with and I am in the photo, next to the yellow sign! Pretty cool if you ask me! 

Current Garden Item - Tomato plants. Apparently a lot of the ones from last year self seeded themselves and they are coming back this year by themselves! We are going to have a ton of tomatoes.

Current Love -Watermelon. After a warm day, it's so nice to have a cold piece of watermelon.

Current Food - Salads. Every week I make up four of them for lunches and sometimes I even end up eating them for dinner as well! My favorite lately? Beets, goat cheese, quinoa, spinach, corn and garbanzos! Yum.

Current Indulgence - Mochas! Remember the coffee station? Well, now we also have one of those Nespresso machines and I am loving a homemade mocha from time to time. 

Currently Pondering - Why don't you have to refrigerate ranch dressing before you open it? I mean, it's still made out of diary products, isn't it

Current Mood - Great! The weekend was full of beautiful weather and a few great trail runs, brunch with friends and walks about town. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Current New Find - Spitz Chili Lime. If you like sunflower seeds you should try these, because they are good! 

Current Outfit - 


Current Peeve - All my socks are getting holes in them. I even clipped my toenails super short and bought new socks but after only a couple wearings, they are getting holey already! 
Current Song - I have been listening to the Juanes station on Pandora a lot. It reminds me of traveling in South America.  

Current Triumph - I picked my first veggies this week! The radishes are already ready even though they are only about a month old. They are super spicy though! Anyone know how to tone down the spice of a radish? 
Current TV Show - Actually I DVRed some movies, but none of them have really been that good.

Current Wish-List - A pair of earphones where I can change songs without having to get my phone out. I haven't really made a good playlist yet and so I keep having to listen to songs I would rather skip.

Currently Delaying - Booking a flight for a race later this year... I keep hoping the price will go down but it's almost time to bite the bullet and just do it. I'm sure that as soon as I book it, the price will drop. 

What is your current triumph? Have you read any good books lately? Have you joined in on the floral trend?


  1. I love Phillipa Gregory! although seems like I don't have as much time to read now that I have kids.
    Have you tried roasting radishes in the oven? that really tones them down and is pretty good.

  2. I read some of the Phillipa Gregory books right after college, and loved them! And I agree with you on the ranch thing... it is odd. As is the fact that velveeta cheese isn't refrigerated at the grocery store. And mayo doesn't have to be cooled before opening it either. I guess it just goes to show there are a lot of chemicals and preservatives and such in those products!

    My current triumph is surviving the move. Low bar there. I am reading "Still Alice" right now and am LOVING it. I could read it in one sitting if I didn't have to get to bed at a decent time. I have not joined the floral trend. I do not care for floral patterns... I stick with stripes primarily when it comes to prints. ;)

  3. Oh it sounds like summer there with all your yummy veggies! We planted some seeds this week and are waiting for them to show their faces!! Yeah not a fan of floral...I don't even think I was the first time around!!!

  4. You didn't even need to tell me you're in a great mood. Just reading through this post gives me the sense things are going well for you! My latest triumph is surviving the fundraiser at Gavin's daycare and living to tell about it. As I was relaxing that night after the fundraiser, Heidi Klum came out in this NASTY floral outfit on Project Runway. A show about fashion and she wore that? It was horrendous. So, that pretty much sums up my feelings about florals and clothing.

  5. So jealous that you already have veggies to pick!

  6. currently April: is over. wha ha happened?

    When we had a dog, she used to eat the tomatoes right off of the vine. Then wherever she pooped we'd get a tomato plant the following spring. it was actually pretty fantastic.

  7. Someone was just eating those chili lime seeds at my son's baseball game yesterday and they loved them! No floral trend for me:/ Current triumph is teaching bootcamp and loving it!

  8. No advice on the radishes. I'm not the biggest fan, I usually eat a few and then give the rest to my husband.

    I LOVE Phillipa Gregory's books. I've read all of them, although it's been a while and maybe now I should read them again. I love historical fiction. She wrote a trilogy that's amazing, too. I'm not remembering the title.

  9. That salad you mentioned is super yummy. I'm really getting into quinoa these days. I just wish it wasn't so pricey.

  10. I loved the Boleyn Inheritance as well. I'm trying to get through The End of Your life Book Club but my allergies/cold have made for early bed times this week!

  11. The Philippa Gregory Series is the Wideacre Trilogy. It's great!

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