Karma Police

I must have done something wrong because this weekend it was one of those weekends where all kinds of weird stuff happened. Friday started out pretty good, with some time in Uptown Oakland, where there is a monthly street fair called the Art Murmur (or First Friday) where you can walk around, eat street food, look at art and listen to music. It was quite fun. Until this happened. Luckily I didn't find out about this until the next day.

I left around 10:30 and headed home. The next day I realized my wallet was missing. I know I had it when I got on the bus, because I took my bus pass out of it to get on the bus. Somewhere between getting on the bus and getting home, it went missing. I know also that someone took it and it's not just hidden in the inside pocket of my jacket, because I checked my accounts online and there were purchases on there that I hadn't made. The ironic part? They only spent $1.75 at Safeway (grocery store), $2.50 at 711 and $40 at Chevron. That's it. If I stole a credit card, I would go on a way bigger shopping spree than that!

So I spent Saturday first trying to remember everything that I had in my wallet. Do you know exactly what you have in yours? It took me a while and I am still not sure that I remembered all of them. Then I started calling to cancel my cards. The cards aren't the crappy part though; the purchases on them can be reversed and I will get new ones in the mail in 3-5 days. The worst is the drivers license. Getting a new one entails going to the DMV, which is only open from 8 - 5 on weekdays, hence causing me to miss work to go over there to stand in line for hours. Argh.

SF Bay Trail
SF Bay Trail

Sunday I decided to erase any bad events from the past few days and take a nice long run along the bay. It was a beautiful day and the run was going pretty well until I was running along minding my own business when an unleashed dog bounded up to me, jumped on me and knocked me down onto the pavement. Remember when I fell before? Well this time I fell on the opposite knee and hand so I have matching pairs. Hurray. I didn't even take time to get mad at the guy whose dog was supposed to be leashed before heading off to finish the run.

And then the Niners lost.

Watch out for the Karma police. They are a B. Itch.

Have you ever had a series of strange events happen to you? Do you believe in Karma? Have you ever had your wallet stolen/lost?


  1. Oh wow. That is a BAD string of events! Wow. I am always paranoid about getting my wallet stolen as I have SO much stuff in it between credit cards and car insurance cards and things like that. Yikes. I am sorry that happened to you!

    And that sucks about the dog. What a rude owner - I would have given the owner a NASTY look!!

    I do believe in karma. I think what goes around comes around in most cases. It may take years, but bad behavior will catch up with you some day. However, I don't think you've done anything that warrants bad karma!!

  2. ah, that sucks. maybe the weird spending shows that the person was actually just desperate...and didn't want it to splurge...who knows, but might make you feel better about it all...

  3. Bummer about your wallet. I think I'd be most pissed about my driver's license, too. Sigh. And it's a good question about what I have inside my wallet - I think I know, but probably should keep a list at home, just in case.

  4. Yikes! Well... maybe being on the bus earlier meant you were pick-pocketed, but it also means you were out of the way of that shooting. Lesser of two evils? (I say this as someone who has also had a wallet stolen. It sucks. But at least there's no physical danger.)

    And ouch! Sorry to hear about your spill.

    I hope this week gets better for you!

  5. Oh boy that sucks! stolen wallet, fallen on trails, and the 49'ers can't pull out a win. geez. that's not cool.

  6. I have heard that people make small purchases on stolen credit cards because they're not usually detectable. It's only when they get greedy and make a big purchase that the bank or the retailer in question stops the transaction.

    Ps, I work in my company's fraud department so this must all be true, right?

  7. Oh gosh, that totally sucks that your wallet was stolen! ANd the DMV...the worst! Bring a good book to distract you. :) Hope your week goes better than the weekend.

  8. So glad you were not hurt in that shooting. I watched the video clip on your link. Scary. And too bad about your wallet - yes the DL is the WORST.

    I had a credit card co. rep tell me once that when people steal them, they generally make a couple of little purchases to see if the card is good, that will not need approval, and then buy something they really want... in your case, the gas - and it would still be under the approval limit.

    I sure hope your injuries aren't too bad, Kyria. Be CAREFUL out there!

  9. Oh, wow, girl! You had a pretty bad weekend. Geez. I am so paranoid about losing my wallet. The driver's license thing would be the worst, definitely. Cancelling cards is a hassle, but not as much of a hassle as the DMV! Man. Hopefully your week turns around because that is NOT a fun weekend!

  10. What a weekend!! Bummer that you fell again... just a few scrapes, I hope? Let's hope this week is much better!

  11. Wow! But this can only mean next weekend will be great, right?

    On your prior post, I'm with you on pretty much all TV-related references (video games too, but that doesn't come up as often). Even stuff like Jon Stewart loses me.....It's not like I'm perfect (I'm on the Internet far too much), but TV just bores me. Makes me look really out of the loop and clueless sometimes.

  12. Oh wow. So scary.

    I lost my wallet once in high school and it had a full packet of pictures inside. It was such a bummer.

    Sorry about your team and the game. You deserve a much better week to come.


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