The Old Ball Game

This last week has been very fun filled and was gone in a flash! I thought that when August was over, things would slow down, but that hasn't been the case so far. I am having a hard time lately juggling fun, family, friends, work, running (I am not counting that in the fun category, even though it is) and necessary things like grocery shopping and errands and chores (and eating. Who has time to eat as much as I do?). But that doesn't mean I am not doing some of each of those categories anyway!

I found an old end table on the street and did a quasi DIY project. 
My version of DIY: paint it white. Voila. 
Note the other half finished painting project next to it. That is done now too.

I went to A's vs Red Sox game (with my friend, who is a Sox fan). 
I am still a Giants fan but it was fun. 
Do you like this guy's "shirt"? 

Running, running, running...
This is the French Trail I talked about before. 
Total this week: 52 miles.

I harvested. 
This week: round zucchini, scallop squash,tiny tomatoes. 

I went to the Giants game. 
We saw a double rainbow. It was awesome. 
The Giants lost. It was not awesome. 

I went for a long run and then ate this.
Okay, I am joking, kind of.
I did make carrot cake with butter cream frosting.
So, maybe I only ate half of this.
I will eat the other half tomorrow.

These ladies came over to help me make (and eat) the carrot cake. 
While we waited for it to bake, we went to visit the goat next door. 

I packed my lunch for today. 
White bean chicken chili, edamame, carrots/celery and hummus, 
grapes, plum, salad. 
I am very hungry. Every day. All the time.
(not pictured: craisins, almonds, and the 5 cups of coffee I will also have before lunch)

How was your weekend? Do you pack your lunch the night before / the morning of / not at all? Have you ever seen a shirt as sweet as that guy's shirt?


  1. Of course I LOVE the shirt...even though we are in last place! I am a pack the night before girl with my lunch. Sometimes I pack several days ahead depending on how much time and energy I have at night! Yesterday I packed Em's lunch, mine, and got dinner prepped for tonight! I felt very accomplished!!

  2. Lol, paint it white is always my first thought when I want to diy a piece of furniture!

    Righteous shirt!

  3. Cute diy project! I rarely have to pack my lunch these days, but usually do the morning of. You're still a running machine- 52 miles! Way to go!

  4. Good eats! With all your miles and races of late, I'm not surprised you are hungry. : )

  5. Nice mileage this week! Love your harvest and your lunch is so healthy. Have you always loved all the healthy stuff or did it come with time? I really want to eat lots of veggies and healthy foods, but my taste buds are not into it. I'm sure after a while, I would get used to it and eventually crave it:)

  6. My weekend was as good as a weekend spent on the couch super sick can be...

    I always pack my lunch the night before. Actually, I typically portion out all of my lunches on Sunday night after making a big batch of something. I do let myself eat out for lunch one day a week. If I have to pack it the morning of, it does not happen.

  7. the table looks great and please send me carrot cake ASAP :)

  8. I'm starving all the time too. I think I surprise people with how much I can eat. LOL
    Go Giants! That shirt is pretty hard core!

  9. All those fresh veggies sound delicious as does the carrot cake! I haven't had carrot cake in such a long time. Love the "shirt" and the double rainbow from the Giants game!

  10. Carrot cake?!? Why didn't you send me a piece with the bell? :) Those round zucchinis look so cute and so delicious.

    I eat lunch at home on M/W/F since it's easier for me to come home and take Bailey for a walk and then work from home in the afternoons. On T/Th I pack my lunch, though. I do it in the morning and usually M. and I debate over who gets which leftovers.

  11. I'm definitely not a Giants fan, but I would LOVE to go to a game at their stadium. I've heard it's gorgeous!

  12. I try to pack my lunch the morning of. It's usually the same thing: PB sandwich (don't like jelly) and carrots. Today I didn't have time and went to Noodles. Sigh. Too much money, but I'm hungry all the time too.

    I love baseball, but I'm a Cards fan.

  13. Guys that big shouldn't wear body paint, especially not with a big B on their chest/belly ... makes them look like target practice. (And no, I'm not nice and I know I'm going to hell - no need to remind me - hahah)


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