Do and Do Not (3): Running

You may or may not remember the last list I made. It was compiled of things that I sometimes do or do not do, that maybe you DO do, or maybe you DO NOT do. I just think it's interesting to find out what things other people do that work for them but don't work for you. Here are a few more...do and do nots, running style.

I do:

- Wear underwear. Yes, this may seem like a weird thing to list, but many runners go commando. However, you will be happy to know that no matter what, my stuff is double layered.

- Run on dirt trails. I love it. It is more distracting, plus there are ups and downs, plus I love running through the trees, near a brook, in the shade. I really enjoy trail running much more than road running. However, I have a hard time gauging my pace for road races, so I have to run on the road from time to time to make sure I am still on track.

- Wear a Garmin all the time. I am a number cruncher. A list maker. A data analyzer. So I love my Garmin. It allows me to see my numbers. It also made me realize that I CAN run faster. Before Garmin (BG) I would just run a steady 10 minute mile. After Garmin (AG) I could see how fast I was going and I would play games to try to get faster. And faster. And faster. I am still trying.

- Wear a hydration belt. I run a lot (see above) on trails and places where there are not drinking fountains or water sources. So the hydration belt is a life saver. Even in races where there are aide stations, I wear it. You never know when you may need it and I would rather have it than not.

- Run with music (or sometimes This American Life or Car Talk). Sometimes I will run without, but very rarely. I don't even really concentrate on it that much necessarily, but it's nice to have the distraction when I want it.

I do not:

- Participate in a running group / club. I like to run alone, when I want to, where I want to. I know that probably if I ran with someone a little faster than me, I would get faster, but I find it easier to get out and run when I am ready. If I have to wait, I lose motivation.

- Run barefoot. As a kid, I walked around barefoot all the time. My Dad used to tell me I was going to get a weird foot disease. I guess it stuck, because when I see someone running barefoot, the first thing I think is, "Ew, someone probably SPIT right there!" (or worse)

- Drink Chocolate Milk as a recovery drink. I don't like milk. It makes that weird film on your tongue. Ew. However, I will take a nice Starbucks Frappuccino with whipped cream. Hey, it's coffee. And chocolate. And milk.

- Cross train very often. I know this is not a positive thing, as I have read many studies about how cross training is good, but I just don't make time for it. I walk or hike about 5-10 miles a week and I do about 30-60 minutess of yoga a week and 30 minutes of weights. But I know I should do more!

Let's hear it: how do you compare? Do you cross train? Do you run with music?


  1. I try to cross train but often fail in this area. I do think think it makes me stronger but I tend to skip it or half ass it a lot. I listen to music a lot of the time but have actually cut back in this area over the past year.

  2. I do run with a garmin, hydration belt, and music. I do run with a group - never thought I'd like it, but I love running with them! I don't wear underwear if my shorts are already lined! I don't like trail running... I've tried it twice and I just wasn't sold on it... I'd do it again, but I prefer running on running paths!

  3. I always run with a Garmin and a handheld water bottle - always. And for the record, I think 10 miles of hiking, weights and yoga = cross training! That's pretty well rounded!

  4. yea you need some cross training if you want to get faster or fix something specific like using core work to fix a knee issue. or swimming to increase your aerobic capacity.

    I'm loving trails too right now.

  5. I always: wear underwear, listen to music. I sometimes: use my hydration belt. If it's a longer run I use it, and with races I'd rather have my water than aid station water, for several reasons. I never: run with a group, run barefoot (ew) or drink chocolate milk (I don't like it). Sounds like we have a lot in common, running-wise!

  6. Oooh, good list. Let's see....I almost always run wearing undies, but recently I haven't and I kinda like it. I prefer NOT to run with a Garmin as I think you either push too hard or back off based on what it says. I only run with it if the workout dictates it. I love to run with music although I mostly don't hear it. I wear a hydration belt for long runs and carry a hand-held for shorter runs. I'm not a trail girl - I prefer the roads. I mostly run alone - your goals are your goals and only you can achieve them. I like to cross train but there's just not enough time for it with all the running. And yes, I drink chocolate milk or Ensure after a tough workout.

  7. I'm an undies girl - always. :-)

    Yes to: music, hydration belt (even in races), Garmin, run alone, no milk, no barefoot.

    I go through phases on cross-training. I'm usually good at cardio cross training, horrible at getting resistance and weights into my day.

  8. Haha the underwear thing makes me laugh because I just did a post on it last week. I am no underwear when working out person. So much better that way! I also run alone....well sometimes with my dog too :)

  9. i find it sooo tough running solo at the moment-music,no, only if i run alone...
    underwear...YES!! :)

  10. I am a solo runner as well. There's something powerful about competing with yourself on every run. And sometimes I sing along with my iPod playlist. That would be awkward for any running companion!

  11. Awww, I'm loving these lists, Kyria! Let's see, I run commando (but, I promise, I don't wear those exercise skirts, so you'll be spared). And I think if Garmin's were out when I did most of my distance running, I'd be addicted, too. I ran one marathon with a hydration belt, otherwise no way. I've run with and without music - depends on my mood. I don't like training in Chicago running groups, because they're so big, but I did enjoy training with smaller groups of my friends. Running barefoot? No. Chocolate milk? Yum! Cross-training? That's all I do these days, since I'm not really running. =)

  12. I wear underwear too:) I just feel weird without it. I also always wear my Garmin and my Ipod. I do cross train. I am prone to overuse injuries so I try not to run 2 days in a row. Love the list:)

  13. I was not aware of the commando trend in the running world... I too double layer :-)

  14. You don't like chocolate milk? Thats so crazy! I do also like to get mocha frappachinos as a special treat after a long run.

    I only run commando if there are built in undies.

    I used to run in a group and I think its good for a beginner, but now its so much easier to fit a run in when I can and not schedule my whole day around it.

  15. This is a fun post! We have some opposite habits going on...
    I run w/ friends several times/week
    No music, ever
    No Garmin, ever
    Always commando!

  16. I've found I really hate running with other people. Yes, hate. I know I need to get over it, but every time I have ran with other people it's been a bad run and I've been embarrassed. I'm still so new at it, that I like to keep the bad runs to myself. ;)

    Ewww, running commando? I had no idea people did that. I don't think I could. I would like to try shorts that have the built in undies! Those sound amazing.

    I run to music. I'd like to start running to NPR... can you get NPR through an iphone? A friend of mine was just talking about This American Life and it sounds like a great program!

  17. I don't wear underwear if my shorts have built in underwear (most of my running shorts do!) but I do wear it with capri's and running tights. I also LOVE running on the trails but I need a good balance of trail and road running or I get sick of one or the other. Like right now I'm ITCHING to get back in the trails since I spent the last 18 weeks on the road marathon training!

  18. Interesting to compare!

    I'm a commando girl (TMI, sorry!). Love trails. Trying to leave the Garmin at home more (especially on the trails, but really on any easy run for time). I wear a hydration backpack on long ones. Run with music=sometimes.

    I don't run barefoot or with others either (well, I might run barefoot a little on a pristine grassy field or golf course, but I'm rarely near one of those). I sometimes will drink chocolate milk, but only after a long run. And I will definitely be cross-training more in the future, as weak abs and glutes contributed to my back problem! I also like the odd spin class here and there to break things up.

  19. I do...
    run on dirt trails
    cross train consistently
    wear running skirts
    wear a Garmin for every run
    eat to run (I plan my menus around days I'm running)

    I do not...
    run with music lately (just recently stopped using my iPod)
    run barefoot
    run with a running group or club
    run without a planned route

    Fun post!

  20. I don't go commando either. I pretty much only listen to music when I'm running on a treadmill or when I need something to keep me going in the hard miles of a race. I do not run barefoot. I'm pretty sure my ITB injury last year was from moving toward minimalist running so I just don't think it's for me.

  21. We're a lot alike! I prefer running alone too, with a Garmin, not commando either. But I don't use music very often, and I wish I could say I ran on trails, but I don't have access to very many here.

  22. I heard about the no-unders recently, and I was all EW NO WAY. I like my cotton bikinis on every damned time.

    I LOOOOVE trails. Love them. We have some in our neighborhood that are pretty tame, but I absolutely adore running on them so much better than the roads. I use my phone for mapping/stats and music, because I hate not knowing exactly how far, and how fast.

    Peanut butter on a rice cake with a generous squirt of honey. That's my favorite post-run snack.

  23. Oh. And the barefoot thing? When I was in high school in NC a science teacher told us that's how people get round worms. So ever since then? No barefeet, ever. *shudder*


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